Relief, before you need it.

When talking about a portable toilet service provider, the word “clean” is not often used but always desired, along with reliability, dependability and a proactive customer experience.

The logistics, knowledge and planning needed to successfully execute a portable toilet solution can be a huge source of stress for even the most experienced individual, creating an inconvenience most of us would rather do without.

That is where relief comes in. The can-do attitude towards our customer service approach is designed to anticipate your needs and provide the fuss-free relief you need before you know you need it.

At Texas Outhouse, we call that Quietly Clean!


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Quietly Clean

Our Service

Although the word “clean” is not often used then talking about a portable toilet service provider, it is always desired, along with reliable, dependable, and proactive as words our customers use to describe Texas Outhouse. Our Quietly Clean program was created to ensure that the experience of working with Texas Outhouse would turn first-time buyers into lifelong, satisfied customers.

Quietly Clean is a multi-step service program that builds discipline into our everyday operations to generate a customer experience that is efficient, repeatable and predictable. This ongoing, clear and straightforward approach allows us to anticipate your portable toilet needs so that the stress and hassle often associated with this responsibility is virtually non-existent.

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“Once we hired Texas Outhouse, we didn’t hear anything and the silence was great. It meant no one was complaining.”
“The things that really make Texas Outhouse stand out from the competition are service after the sale, prompt delivery when equipment is ordered, and customer service is so helpful in resolving issues in a timely manner.”
“We hired Texas Outhouse because they took the time to really understand our business and our specific situation, and they tailored an innovative solution to meet and ultimately exceed our needs.”
“We really Like that we have someone to go to when we have an issue. We have a great salesperson at Texas Outhouse and she takes good care of us!”

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