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Our Proactive Approach to Safety

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Safety is of the utmost importance to our waste services company. Our teams meet daily to discuss safety procedures, we apply our safety commitment at each customer location, and we hold ourselves accountable for creating a safe environment.
We also ensure that our teams follow the G.O.A.T. method for Safety.
      • G – Gear Up: Always wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling waste and chemicals.
      • O – Observe: Observe your surroundings when driving to ensure a safe journey.
      • A – Adapt: Continuously adapt to the changing conditions at job sites, taking necessary precautions to prevent incidents.
      • T – Teamwork: Foster a culture of teamwork, communication, and mutual support to ensure safety at all times.

Consistent Safety Standards for Waste Services

We ensure that our drivers and staff are properly trained on the latest safety standards and receive continual training to support their role. We continue to build on our existing safety program to follow through on our commitment to safety for employees and customers.

  • Regular internal safety meetings broken down by operational group with focused topics.
  • Risk and Loss Prevention Program
  • Safety Resource Management Center
  • Online learning resources available to all employees
  • Ability to track employee training and progression
  • Safety Dashboard with established KPIs that are consistently tracked and monitored


Safety Alignment with OSHA and DOT Requirements

In addition to growing our internal safety training program, we continue to incorporate the latest OSHA and DOT requirements.

  • Smith System Driver Certification Program
  • Review latest OSHA statistics to find opportunities to grow
  • Provide DOT training to all drivers


Additional Points of Our Safety Commitment

  • New Hire Safety Orientation Program
  • 6-Month Planned Safety Curriculum Incorporating Latest Trends
  • All safety training programs delivered in English and Spanish
  • Member of the National Safety Council since 2016
  • Certified Safety Manager granted by the National Association of Safety Professionals