Barricade Service

barricade water service

Barricade Service

We offer barricade services for large events and construction projects throughout the Greater Houston area.

We fill up the barricades with water at your construction site or event location. The sturdy barricades interlock to create a clear separation. Also, the barricades are highly visible during the day, night, and weather conditions to support the specific needs of your job or event:

  • Create temporary barriers at the construction site
  • Restrict access to certain areas of the site or event
  • Create a safety zone to meet OSHA requirements
  • Establish a temporary flow of foot traffic at events
  • Create special access points for support personnel

Our charges are based on the amount of water used and the number of trips required to fill up the barricades. We charge by the barricade and charge per trip, per truck.

To schedule our barricade services, call 713-785-8050. Ask for Larry Wheeler.