quietly clean

Our Commitment

Our Service Plan

Although the word “clean” is not often used when talking about a portable toilet service provider, it is always desired, along with reliable, dependable, and proactive as words our customers use to describe Texas Outhouse. Our commitment is to ensure that the experience of working with Texas Outhouse would turn first-time buyers into lifelong, satisfied customers.

Our Commitment is to build discipline into our everyday operations to generate a customer experience that is efficient, repeatable and predictable. This ongoing, clear and straightforward approach allows us to anticipate your portable toilet needs so that the stress and hassle often associated with this responsibility is virtually non-existent.


Precise Inquiry

Details are as important to us as they are to our customers. Our sales team and customer service representatives have the intuition needed to understand what satisfies each customer, as well as the experience and confidence to ask the right questions and makesure our customers’ needs are met. Whether it is determining the exact location of a unit, the type of unit, or the service level needed, our customer service teams work to make it happen.

Intuitive Dispatch

Our local, highly trained dispatchers always feel like the current job they are working on is the most important job at Texas Outhouse. That is something our customers have come to really appreciate. In addition, their knowledge of the city and understanding of each unique business allows them to quickly identify issues, and provide prompt and reliable solutions in a timely manner.


Collaborative Anticipation

Anticipation is defined as the visualization of a future event or occurrence. Our sales team, customer service representatives, dispatchers, and drivers work together seamlessly. It is the true definition of teamwork. Each member of the customer team has the knowledge, skills and ability necessary to anticipate the next move. The collaborative nature of this interaction ensures the next move is the right one to leave a customer smiling.

Clean Location

At Texas Outhouse, we understand the value of clean water, and are committed to the preservation of our water systems.

In an effort to do our part to help reduce water waste, we recently designed, built and opened our own waste water treatment plant at our corporate office in Houston, Texas. We are the only portable toilet company in the Greater Houston area that is PSAI certified and has its own onsite waste water treatment plant.


Thoroughly Inspected

Our drivers go through extensive training to become Texas Outhouse qualified. It starts out with Transafe training, which includes classroom education/curriculum, followed by 30 days of riding with a senior driver and concludes with 90 days of closely monitored on-the- job training.

All of our portable units are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery to a customer and placed in a safe location when they reach their desired destination. Before any of the equipment leaves our lot, it is examined to make sure that the toilet seat is functioning properly, the foot pump is in working order, the unit is free of graffiti, and the interior walls, toilet seat, urinal, outside of the holding tank, paper dispenser and floor have been sanitized. In addition, the toilet paper dispenser is restocked with our custom Texas Outhouse toilet paper.