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Texas Outhouse portable toilets at a residential construction site

Construction Portable Toilet Rental: Keep Your Project On Track

Construction companies in the Greater Houston area need reliable portable toilet rentals to keep their crews safe and the job site compliant. We understand how to support your project requirements, whether you’re managing an expansive commercial building project or a residential rebuild. Texas Outhouse offers construction portable toilet rental solutions to keep your project on […]

Texas Outhouse long-term rentals at the construction job site

Construction Site Management Plan: Add Long-Term Rentals

Large-scale construction sites are bustling hubs of activity, where every safety is critical for ongoing success. Oftentimes, these projects last months or even years, requiring that every detail is carefully considered in a construction site management plan. Portable restrooms and trailers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering construction site […]

Texas Outhouse portable toilets at a special event in Texas

Find the Best Portable Toilet for Special Events

Planning a special event in Texas? Don’t let the choice of portable toilets be an afterthought. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, a corporate event, or a community festival, the comfort and satisfaction of your guests hinge on the details, including the restrooms. Providing adequate and appropriate restroom facilities is crucial for event planners. Let us […]

Texas Outhouse Portable Toilets and Handwashing Stations

Rent Our Reliable Portable Toilets and Sinks to Satisfy OSHA

Construction sites are dynamic environments that require people, heavy machinery, and materials to bring projects to completion. With people being the most important asset at the job site, it’s crucial to provide your crew with the appropriate restroom facilities, such as portable toilets and sinks. To ensure that workers are supported, OSHA has set in […]

Storm and disaster cleanup in a neighborhood

Get Back to Business With Storm and Disaster Cleanup Services

If you’re a Houston business owner, you understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and other named weather events can disrupt your operations and damage your place of business. Sometimes you simply cannot prepare for the extent of damage. Fortunately, Texas Outhouse is readily available to help get […]

Portable restroom shower rental from Texas Outhouse

Protect Your Crew with Portable Restroom Shower Rental Options

Major projects like storm cleanup or commercial construction often take months to complete. For these types of projects, a portable shower rental can help your crew maintain sanitation and reduce time away from the job site. Beyond keeping your team on-site without forcing them to sacrifice cleanliness, these rentals can deliver a range of benefits […]

Luxury Event Trailers for Spring 2024 Weddings

Align With Spring 2024 Wedding Trends With Our Luxury Trailers

Spring 2024 will bring blossoming flowers, spring temperatures, and a wedding season in full force. If you’re planning a wedding or tying the knot in the coming months, there are probably some loose ends to handle to make the experience more enjoyable for you and your guests. Here’s how you can keep up with spring […]

Texas Outhouse portable toilet at a construction project

Access Long-Term Toilet Rentals for Large Construction Projects

Large construction projects require tremendous planning, including finding a reliable source of portable toilets for the duration of the project. Texas Outhouse knows how important it is for your team to have access to clean, quality portable toilets on a consistent basis, day after day. That’s why we are proud to have supported some of […]

Celebrating 25 years of Serving Houston

Celebrating 25 Years of Serving Customers in Houston and Beyond

Since 1999, Texas Outhouse has called Houston home. Our company started out providing portable toilets for construction sites in the area, and we have grown in amazing ways over the past 25 years. Our bread and butter service remains renting portable toilets for contractors. But we also offer special events services, handwashing stations, luxury restroom […]

Texas Outhouse portable toilets in Houston

Ask Us About a Long Term Portable Toilet Rental in 2024

On the surface, it might not seem like event planners and construction project managers have much in common. But they actually have a shared need for reliable restroom facilities. And, if you are thinking ahead to 2024 events or construction project plans, you may need to consider a long term portable toilet rental. Whether you […]