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Ask Us About a Long Term Portable Toilet Rental in 2024

On the surface, it might not seem like event planners and construction project managers have much in common. But they actually have a shared need for reliable restroom facilities. And, if you are thinking ahead to 2024 events or construction project plans, you may need to consider a long term portable toilet rental.

Whether you need a monthly or yearly rental, it’s important that your event or site has consistent access to clean, sanitary, and available restrooms. Choosing a rental company that can provide portable bathrooms throughout the year can be very helpful.

Texas Outhouse has many portable restroom rentals that are the perfect addition to gatherings or job sites in Houston. You can choose from standard portable toilets for the construction site or have us deliver a luxury restroom trailer to your venue to help push through wedding season.

If you’re a construction manager or event planner who needs access to restrooms on your schedule, consider a long term portable toilet rental from Texas Outhouse. You won’t have to worry about having access to clean restrooms when you partner with us.

Uses for a Long Term Portable Toilet Rental      

Having restroom rentals at your event makes it easy and more comfortable for your guests and crew to take care of critical needs. Plus, for construction managers, we make it easy to comply with OSHA requirements for providing construction portable toilets to workers.

From a cost perspective, renting for the long term will help reduce your overall rental cost by taking advantage of price breaks. And the best part is that you’ll know you have a convenient and environmentally friendly option whenever temporary restrooms are needed.

Let’s take a closer look at the uses of portable toilets in construction site management and event planning.

Construction Sites

A long term rental helps employees, contract workers, and guests at construction sites. It gives them access to clean facilities and helps increase productivity. Employees will not have to leave the worksite to walk or drive to a nearby fixed public restroom, optimizing workflow at the job site.

Outdoor Events 

Are you planning a months-long event at a venue? Or, do you run special events at a fixed venue with a new batch of guests to care for every week?

Even though the venue may have some indoor restrooms, providing more options increases guest satisfaction. Instead of waiting in line for a restroom, guests can spend more time enjoying the event. This step also simplifies the cleanup process because we remove the units according to your schedule at the end of the rental period. It’s one less thing to worry about!


Houston has many outdoor wedding venues, but some are lacking in the restroom department. A standard portable restroom rental can satisfy basic wedding needs. But, you can level up the event by providing your guests access to luxurious restroom trailers.

These popular trailers provide your guests with high-end niceties, as well as more privacy and comfort during the big day.

Benefit From Long Term Portable Toilet Rentals 

Long term rentals provide a solution for the basic needs of your event or job site. For many businesses, they can also deliver great benefits, such as the following.

Constant Access to Sanitation Facilities

Choosing a long term portable toilet rental makes it easy to meet sanitation needs. You won’t have to worry about coordinating frequent pickups and drop-offs that come with short-term use. You will also have an ongoing supply of clean portable toilets throughout any event or project. 

Texas Outhouse is proud to provide top-notch facilities that satisfy each critical need. We also offer regular servicing and maintenance throughout the rental to ensure your toilets remain in squeaky-clean condition. 

Flexible Options 

A long term rental gives you options. You can change how many units you rent based on your needs at any moment, and our team can easily cater to these changes.

Our flexibility is convenient for event organizers with varying guest list sizes or project managers who bring on more crew members during certain periods of the project work.

Remain in Compliance With Regulations

Every industry has rules to follow about sanitation options. A long term rental plan from an adept company like Texas Outhouse helps you comply with OSHA standards and other regulations that might apply to your event or project.


Beyond convenience and saving money, a long term rental can help the environment. A credible waste company like Texas Outhouse is committed to an eco-friendly approach.

Partnering with such a company will reduce your project’s environmental footprint. Texas Outhouse is devoted to being environmentally responsible by using safe procedures and long-lasting products. We ensure that our clean services align with today’s norms and expectations.

Our Portable Sanitation Solutions 

If you’re an event planner or project manager, you may find our services helpful in the new year. Our solutions meet many needs and work in various settings. Whether you’re planning a large sporting event, an upscale wedding, or managing a construction site, our mobile restroom solutions provide many features and amenities.

Standard Portable Toilets 

Standard portable toilets are our most familiar rental option. They are designed to meet simple needs and provide managers with simple solutions. They have basic features, like a hinged seat, lid, and urinal. Our team can deliver them to many events and job sites.

ADA Compliant Portable Toilets 

ADA-compliant portable toilets are designed to give every visitor access to a restroom. These special toilets follow the principles found in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  

The inside has plenty of space to easily fit a wheelchair. It also has handrails and a wide door, giving guests easy access. ADA-compliant mobile toilets have the same amenities as standard portable toilets, but guests with disabilities will value the extra touches.

Portable Restroom Trailers 

Restroom trailers are an upscale and lavish alternative to standard portable toilets. They provide the most comfort of any portable toilet. Their unique features make them ideal for more elegant events like weddings or corporate fundraisers:

  • Private stalls
  • Flushable toilets
  • Running water
  • Climate control
  • Mirrors
  • Speakers     
  • Decorations
  • Better lighting 

Restroom trailers give your guests and crew a comfortable and clean experience. They are perfect for any setting where appearance and comfort are of concern. And we are confident that Texas Outhouse has the ideal restroom trailers to fit your needs.

Talk to Us About Your Next Long Term Portable Toilet Rental 

After understanding the many advantages of a long term portable toilet rental, your next step is finding a trustworthy partner. Texas Outhouse is here for you.

Whether planning a community event or a large-scale construction project, contact us today to schedule your long term rental. Our local customer service team will ensure your success throughout the duration of the rental.