Eye Wash Stations & Emergency Showers

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eyewash station texas outhouse houston texas
eyewash station texas outhouse houston texas

We provide eye washing stations and emergency showers for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial purposes. Our eye washing stations are the ideal alternative to purchasing a costly unit that requires upkeep and maintenance. Additionally, each unit can be used as a body wash station / shower during emergency situations.

  • We maintain the integrity of each unit.
  • We ensure compliance with the latest OSHA/ANSI standards for emergency eyewashes.
  • We work with your schedule to ensure prompt delivery/removal and routine servicing of each unit.

Who should rent an Eye Wash Station and Emergency Shower? According to OSHA/ANSI guidelines, eye wash stations are required for job sites or the work area where individuals may be exposed to “injurious corrosive materials” in hazardous environments. However, eye wash stations and emergency showers are also ideal for non-hazardous environments where there is risk of eye contamination or bodily injury.

These units can be utilized at a construction site, manufacturing facility, or similar location where workers are exposed to a variety of challenging environments. Managers can enhance their safety and health efforts by having an eye wash station and emergency shower on-hand at the job site.

Call 713-999-6178 and ask for Larry Wheeler or Craig Ray to inquire about service. Alternatively, complete our form below to schedule delivery of eye wash stations and emergency showers at your site.