Texas Outhouse portable toilet at a construction project

Access Long-Term Toilet Rentals for Large Construction Projects

Large construction projects require tremendous planning, including finding a reliable source of portable toilets for the duration of the project.

Texas Outhouse knows how important it is for your team to have access to clean, quality portable toilets on a consistent basis, day after day. That’s why we are proud to have supported some of the largest construction projects in the Greater Houston area over the past 25 years.

Learn more about the value of long-term rentals from Texas Outhouse to support your next large-scale project.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Long-Term Toilet Rental for Large Construction Projects

Our caring, service-oriented team is ready to schedule a portable toilet rental that supports your needs over the long haul. Consider the following advantages of choosing our rental services for your project.

1. Offers Convenience and Consistency

Long-term projects require a consistent team to help get the job done according to the project timeline. You need a dependable construction crew, managers, and other key personnel. Some key team members include the professionals from Texas Outhouse who are responsible for servicing the rented portable toilets.

Long-term rentals ensure the restrooms are always maintained, fully stocked, and ready for use. Working with a capable company like Texas Outhouse also ensures servicing flexibility should your needs change throughout the project.

A good example of our adaptable team is being able to work around delays or extensions. We are ready to adjust our servicing schedule if fresh challenges arise.

2. Supports Cost Management

Construction managers can stand out from their peers by finding ways to reduce the total cost of massive construction projects. And one of the ways you can save costs is by choosing a long-term portable toilet rental.

Long-term rentals help reduce your daily costs by spreading out the rental cost over a prolonged period. And, if you need access to a large number of portable toilets to be placed at various locations at the job site, you could benefit from a volume discount.

3. Ensures Continuous Compliance

Providing access to clean portable toilets is crucial for OSHA compliance. Staying compliant with rules and regulations is essential for keeping your project on schedule.

Not only that, but failure to comply with OSHA regulations for restrooms and hand washing stations can bring projects to a halt, leading to additional project costs. Working with a reliable partner to provide you with a long-term toilet rental can help mitigate this risk.

4. Supports Construction Workers

Your team deserves access to quality restrooms while they work on the project. That’s why we work with our clients to ensure their long-term needs are being met. 

  • Did you add more workers to the construction crew?
  • Are the locations of your portable restrooms no longer easy for them to access?
  • Is the project moving to a new location?

Regardless of the concern, we know that caring for your team’s needs is an essential part of running an efficient project. And our portable rentals play a significant role in ensuring everything goes smoothly.

5. Maintains Sanitation at the Job Site

Sanitation is a major point for compliance and worker health. Sometimes, you need to go above and beyond to ensure complete support.

Construction portable toilets are a crucial starting point and the cornerstone of mobile waste services at the job site. However, you may need additional waste solutions for the job site. That’s where Texas Outhouse comes into play by helping you schedule additional services.

We also offer hand washing stations, hand sanitizing stations, and many more rental options. When combined with a portable toilet rental, these accessory units enable you to run a clean and sanitary construction site.

Get Long-Term Toilet Rentals and More From Texas Outhouse

As one of the largest cities in the United States, we understand that Houston is constantly under construction. Because we’ve called the Bayou City home since 1999, we are uniquely familiar with the challenges of large construction projects in the area.

We are prepared to cater to your site’s unique needs, ensuring you always have the units you need from start to finish. Let us be your trusted partner so you can focus on the task at hand – managing the project to completion.

Contact us today to learn more about long-term rentals and our pricing options for the construction site.