A portable hand washing station rental in use at an outdoor event

Your Portable Hand Washing Station Rental Guide

Are you looking to create the ideal experience for guests at outdoor events? Do you need to support the health and safety of workers at a construction site to satisfy OSHA requirements? Rent hand washing stations!

Portable hand washing units are the ideal complement to portable toilets or luxury restroom trailers in outdoor settings. These units provide individuals with easy access to a place where they can wash their hands and return to the event or job site.

Plus, pairing up portable restroom units with our hand washing stations is the ideal solution to solve a lack of outdoor restroom facilities at most locations. Learn more about how to get the most out of your portable hand washing station rental to support guests or workers at your location throughout the Greater Houston area.

Why Rent Portable Hand Washing Stations?

Being able to wash hands with hot water and soap has taken on even greater importance in today’s era. As people become more comfortable gathering together in close locations, they will have the expectation of having access to a place where they can thoroughly clean their hands. This way, they can support personal hygiene and protect against the spread of viruses.

Many outdoor venues and construction sites do not have an on-site location where people can wash their hands. Or, the nearest stationary restroom is not within reasonable walking distance.

Portable hand washing stations make it easy to satisfy the health needs of your guests or workers:

  • Place 1 or many units at strategic locations throughout the venue or job site.
  • Easily move the hand washing units to each desired location.
  • Use the thoughtful design of the units to create space between users.

Let’s dive further into the specific use of portable hand washing stations at events and construction sites.

Hand Washing Station Guide for Events

Event planners can use hand washing stations to ensure that guests have easy access to a unit where they can support personal hygiene before the event, in between activities, and after the event. Consider our tips for effective use for events in Houston.

1. Place stations near entrances and exits. Help your guests feel healthy as soon as they arrive on-site. Consider placing 1-2 units near the entrance of the venue (e.g. parking lot or drop-off location). Then, if the main exit is different from the main entrance, you can place more units at this location to provide guests with a place to clean their hands before returning to their vehicle.

2. Be mindful of food and drinks. If the event includes food and/or drink stations, then consider placing units near each of these locations so that people can quickly wash their hands before and after enjoying a tasty item.

Be sure to provide enough space between hand washing units and each food/drink station so that lines won’t back up into the units, as you don’t want to create an overly-crowded area. You want to strive for a balance of accessibility and creating enough room for people to congregate.

3. Support families. Is your event geared towards parents and kids? Consider renting an ample number of hand washing stations that can be placed near walkways or other strategic locations throughout the event venue. (Parents will thank you!)

4. Place units near portable restrooms. When you rent portable restrooms for your event, make sure to include hand washing units. We recommend a ratio of one hand washing unit for every two portable restrooms. During placement, make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably use both the restrooms and the hand washing stations.

5. Consider the number of units to rent. Ultimately, you want to make sure you have the appropriate number of portable restrooms and hand washing units to support the expected needs of your guests. There are two major factors to consider:

  • The expected number of guests
  • The length of the event

Then, you will want to account for other variables such as whether food and drinks will be served, the audience (e.g. lots of families?), the type of event, the weather conditions, the size of the venue, and other factors.

You can get started right now determining the baseline number of portable restrooms to rent, which will help you assess how many hand washing units to also rent. Use our Special Events Calculator to provide you with an initial estimate!

Hand Washing Station Guide for Construction Sites

Construction site managers and other personnel responsible for creating a safe environment at the construction site can utilize hand washing stations to support work crews. Consider these tips for effective use at the job site in Houston.

1. Place hand washing stations near entrance and exit areas. Give work crews a fresh start to the day. Make units available near the location where they gear up and prepare to perform their work duties for the day. Then, place units near the location where they perform their end-of-day duties wrapping up the workday. Your crew will appreciate access to stations where they can support their personal health.

2. Place hand washing stations near lunch stations. Whether you have lunch tents, outdoor picnic tables, or other dedicated lunch spots at the construction site, make sure you place hand washing stations at this location. This will allow your workers to eat with clean hands, slow the spread of viruses amongst other workers, and then wash their hands before returning to work.

3. Use hand washing stations to support OSHA compliance. OSHA has a standard for the minimum number of portable toilets that should be provided to construction workers at the job site. The standard ratio is one portable toilet unit for every 20 workers to ensure that workers “have prompt access to toilets.”

OSHA also has a rule for providing “adequate washing facilities” at the construction site. Although the rule does not explicitly state the number of washing units that should be provided, the key aspect of the rule is that construction workers should be provided with facilities that include “potable water, soap, and single-use towels.” The idea is that access to soap and water “effectively reduces multiple hazards.”

To demonstrate compliance with OSHA standards and rules, we recommend pairing hand washing stations with portable toilets to create the ideal health and safety environment. This will help you satisfy the OSHA requirement that each toilet includes access to water, soap, and a drying method.

Hand Washing Units Available for Rent

At Texas Outhouse, we offer a wide selection of hand washing stations that can be utilized at events or construction sites. Consider these options for your rental:

  • 2-Man Handwash Station features two sinks and is operated by a foot pump. Each sink includes a soap dispenser on the side of the sink.
  • 10-Person Handwash Station with Heated Water features 10 sinks with timed faucets and heated water. This unit has great water pressure and a water tank that supplies enough heated water for 1,250 CDC-approved hand washes.
  • 12-Man Handwash Station features 12 sinks that are operated by a hands-free arm bar so that users do not have to touch any part of the hand wash station. Each sink includes a soap dispenser and a mirror.

Not sure which unit(s) to rent for your event or job site? We can help you make an informed decision that fits your need, budget, and timeline for needing access to hand washing stations.

Contact Texas Outhouse to Rent Portable Hand Washing Stations

There are many health and hygiene benefits when renting portable hand washing stations for events and construction sites. We encourage you to make these units part of your regular plans.

We can help you get started on your portable hand washing station rental. Our team of experts at Texas Outhouse will provide you with end-to-end support:

  • Assess the needs of your event or job site.
  • Evaluate how many hand washing stations you will need.
  • Recommend portable toilets or luxury restrooms to pair with the hand washing units.
  • Schedule the delivery of all units to your location.
  • Review the layout of the site to determine the best placement of the units.
  • Mobilize the units to the appropriate locations.
  • Service the units while on-site at your location.
  • Remove the units after the event or construction work is complete.

Call us today at 713-785-8050 to find answers to your questions about portable hand washing stations, portable toilets, and other topics related to your need. You can also send us an email [email protected] or contact us through our website contact form.

We look forward to supporting your event or construction needs in the Greater Houston area!