Texas Outhouse portable toilet at construction site in Houston, Texas

Why Construction Managers in Houston Rent Our Portable Toilets

Construction is happening all over the Greater Houston area as we speak. It’s amazing to see new roadway projects, large scale building projects, and greenfield land projects as Houston continues to expand and grow in all directions.

The common factor for all of these projects is the need for portable toilets that the construction crew can utilize. Because our company’s roots are supporting construction projects in Houston, we understand the unique needs and challenges of providing portable toilets at the construction site.

For construction managers that are seeking a reliable portable toilet solution to support their job, consider these reasons why we have built a reputation as a trusted service provider in Houston.

Proud to Be Committed to Safety

Because construction managers are responsible for the safety of their workers, we are pleased to come alongside managers to provide portable toilet services in a safety-first manner.

We take the time to understand the unique safety requirements at the construction site so that we can align our services with the project:

  • We will deliver portable toilets at an ideal time to avoid interfering with ongoing construction.
  • We will place the portable toilets in an agreed-upon location that is accessible for the crew but will not create safety issues.
  • Our team will wear required PPE and other safety equipment when physically placing portable toilets at the desired location on the job site.
  • Our team will service the portable toilets at an ideal time to ensure the construction crew has continual access to clean, sanitary portable toilets.
  • When the job is paused, moved to a different location, or is complete, we will remove the portable toilets in a safe manner.

Through every phase of the project, we will be committed to safety. Specifically, we provide safety training to our team on a regular basis so that safety remains top-of-mind any time one of our team members is at your job site.

We Will Support OSHA Requirements

We understand the importance of meeting construction-specific OSHA requirements for providing portable toilets and maintaining a safe environment for the use of portable toilets.

When we provide portable toilets at the construction site, we will work you to achieve understanding of the following elements:

  • The number of crew members that need to be supported and the size of the project.
  • What OSHA requires for your expected ratio of people to portable toilets.
  • What OSHA requires for providing “readily accessible” portable toilets given the ratio.
  • Whether you need to provide ADA-compliant portable toilets at the job site.
  • When there may be changes to the construction crew during certain phases of the project (e.g. adding contractors working a full-time schedule).

Our goal is to work closely with construction managers to anticipate changes and unique needs that require the addition of portable toilets to continue meeting OSHA requirements.

However, OSHA has made it clear that it’s not enough to merely provide portable toilets. OSHA also requires portable toilets to be clean and sanitary. Specifically, a toilet is deemed unusable or not available if it is not adequately sanitized and cleaned for use. This means an unavailable toilet would count against your ratio, introducing a possible violation.

Texas Outhouse is committed to clean, safe, and sanitary portable toilets. We clean the portable toilets prior to delivery and then continue to service the portable toilets while on-site at your construction site to help you meet this specific OSHA requirement.

We Can Help Reduce Health Risks at the Construction Site

Construction managers cannot afford to have crew members miss shifts or leave the site early due to health issues. The work needs to be completed on-time, on-budget, and of the highest quality, which requires a healthy work crew throughout the duration of the project.

In addition to providing clean and sanitary portable toilets, we also provide handwash stations, eyewash stations, and hand sanitizer for crew members to use. These additional elements can be set up together with portable toilets to encourage proper hygiene and personal safety while at the construction site.

Adding these elements is critical during the current global pandemic. Handwashing and hand sanitizing have become increasingly important to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to maintain the overall health of each individual, especially when sharing common areas.

We work closely with construction managers to understand how we can best address the health needs at the job site. We then customize our delivery of COVID-19 solutions by providing the ideal elements to accompany portable toilets.

Talk to Texas Outhouse About Portable Toilets

We invite you to talk to our expert customer service team about how we can support your specific needs by providing portable toilets and complementary services.

We can also connect you with a dedicated sales representative that can support your regular construction project needs. We would appreciate the opportunity to build a working relationship that will help you manage safer, more efficient construction projects.

When you need portable toilets and related services for major construction work in Houston, you can turn to Texas Outhouse. We’re here for construction managers and we’re ready to listen. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can support your project. Reach out to us on our website, by calling 713-785-8050, or emailing [email protected].