Portable toilets for disabled at outdoor venue in Houston, Texas

When Do You Need ADA Portable Toilets for the Disabled?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that at least one handicap-accessible portable toilet must be provided per portable toilet location. This is to ensure that any individual with disabilities at a given location has proper accommodations.

For job sites, the guideline is 1 ADA portable toilet provided per 10 employees to be used over a normal 40-hour work week.

For event planners, there are key decisions that need to be made to ensure compliance. We will focus on providing you with information to fully understand what is required and what you should be looking for to ensure adequate set-up.

Important Elements of Portable Toilets for the Disabled

Consider the key details of ADA compliant portable toilets and how to best accommodate individuals.

1. Provide Accessibility

All public areas in Texas are required to have proper accommodations for the disabled, according to the Texas Accessible Standards (TAS). For many events and places of business, this is taken care of with a standard indoor restroom facility.

However, for large indoor gatherings and especially for outdoor events, you want to make sure a handicap accessible portable toilet is made available. In addition to being required, it’s also just a kind and thoughtful thing to do.

Furthermore, ADA compliant portable toilets aren’t always only used by people that are handicap. They also provide additional space for parents with small children and help prevent lines from getting too long at events.

2. Solutions for Every Situation

Even for the most seasoned event planner that knows what kind of audience to expect at an event, you should try to plan for every possible situation. 

No matter what type of event you are planning, you never know what kind of needs people may have. It’s always good to be prepared for every type of situation, especially when it comes to being extra hospitable for your guests.

By having portable toilets available that are able to fit everyone’s needs, you will be showing your guests that their experience and comfort matters greatly.

3. Accommodating Special Sanitation Needs

Standard bathroom facilities do not always provide solutions for special needs. Yet, many ADA compliant units have improved over time to meet new regulatory requirements. Such special needs may include:

  • Accommodating the visually impaired.
  • Staking units to the ground in high-wind areas.
  • Needing a unit that can be towed behind a pick-up truck for a mobile crew.
  • A unit equipped with alternative environmentally-friendly products.

It is common for customers to ask us to provide solutions for anticipated special needs, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a unique request.

Consider Our ADA Compliant Portable Toilets

Texas Outhouse proudly provides two types of wheelchair accessible portable toilets available for use during special events. These units are larger than standard portable toilets, creating additional room for maneuverability within the unit.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet

  • Specifically designed for individuals with special needs to make a three-point turn.
  • Includes a flat-floor design for easy wheelchair access and maneuverability.
  • Exterior: includes graspable entry handlebar.
  • Interior: features interior grab bars for extra safety and security.
  • Includes a family-friendly baby changing station to be utilized by families.

Note: the holding tank on a wheelchair accessible unit is smaller than a regular unit. For events with more than 20 people, always have additional standard portable units.

ADA Compliant Portable Toilet

  • Features a flat floor design for easy wheelchair access and maneuverability.
  • Exterior: includes graspable handlebar.
  • Interior: includes interior grab bars.
  • Allows for individuals to make a complete 360 degree turn around while inside the unit.
  • Also offers a family-friendly baby changing station.

Need to discuss the right portable toilet solution for your event? We are available to discuss! Contact our expert team to find out how to select the right number of portable toilets for disabled individuals that may attend the event you are planning.

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