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A rented, mobile handwashing station was set up at a construction site.

Rent a Mobile Handwashing Station for the Construction Site

Managers of construction sites know how important it is to meet project deadlines, stay within budget, protect the safety of workers, and keep the job site clean and organized. It’s also important to have the right sanitation solutions at the job site. Portable toilets are universally understood as an important piece of the job site. […]

A Texas Outhouse portable toilet accessible for women

Rent a Portable Toilet for Women to Support Your Guests

Do you want to make your next outdoor gathering as comfortable for your guests as possible? Do you want to ensure that anyone who attends your event stays for the entire duration? If so, consider setting aside funds in your event budget to rent portable toilets for all guests. One of the best options is […]

Portable toilets set up at a construction site

Meet OSHA Requirements for Construction Portable Toilets

If you manage a construction site, you know about Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for maintaining safe and healthy construction site environments. OSHA is an agency within the U.S. Department of Labor that regulates procedures in the workplace. They create rules designed to maintain the health and safety of all employees on the […]

Sporting event portable toilets set up at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX for Texans Football Gameday

Rent Our Sporting Event Portable Toilets for Athletes and Guests

Sporting events are brimming with excitement as fans cheer for their team and athletes give their all to make their supporters proud. One of the wonderful things about sporting events is that they are flexible — they can take place just about anywhere. From NRG Stadium in Houston to a local neighborhood park, even small […]

A 3-stall portable shower and toilet combination rental.

Take a Look at Our Portable Shower and Toilet Combo Rental Options

Budgeting for large outdoor events or long-term construction projects can eat up a lot of time and resources. You’ll have to make tough decisions and balance many spinning plates, including deciding what portable units you need to rent to support the needs of guests, workers, and other parties. Two of the best units to rent […]

Portable toilet and sink rentals at an event venue.

Protect Your Event Guests with a Portable Toilet and Sink Rental

Have you been brainstorming a list of everything needed for the next big event you’re planning in Texas? The list might include decorations, catering, and entertainment, but what about a portable toilet and sink? Portable restrooms and handwashing units are not always at the forefront of the event plans, but these units are incredibly important […]

Rent a luxury wedding portable toilet trailer from Texas Outhouse for your next event.

Be the Event Hero with Wedding Luxury Portable Toilets

Planning a big wedding event requires so much time and energy in remembering and refining the details. It’s a big ask to find ways to capture luxury and beauty in every aspect of an event. But there’s an easy way you can impress everyone at your client’s next wedding – wedding luxury portable toilets. A […]

A restroom trailer is available for long-term rentals through Texas Outhouse.

Rent a Restroom Trailer for Your Long-Term Needs

Long-term construction projects and ongoing events require considerable pre-planning and resources. One of the most important things to ask yourself well before arriving at the site is: Do we need to rent restroom trailers? Portable restroom trailers are a precious asset for: Largescale construction sites with a long project timeline. Businesses undergoing renovations that need […]

A 10-sink handwash station that is perfect for your construction needs in Houston.

Find Quick Access to Handwash Stations in Houston for Your Workers

Sanitation at Houston construction sites is vital to the continued success of any project. Without proper hygiene, workers can get sick, which will cause delays from not having enough crew members to work the job. That’s why we recommend supporting your workers with handwashing stations, sanitizing stations, and other hygiene solutions at your construction site. […]

Portable toilets rented from Texas Outhouse for an outdoor event

10 Best Uses of a Large Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are essential for construction jobs and outdoor events where you expect many people to be on-site. These facilities provide suitable restroom access for workers and guests who want to limit their time away from the central activity. You may even consider renting a large portable toilet if you have ample space at the […]