A restroom trailer is available for long-term rentals through Texas Outhouse.

Rent a Restroom Trailer for Your Long-Term Needs

Long-term construction projects and ongoing events require considerable pre-planning and resources. One of the most important things to ask yourself well before arriving at the site is: Do we need to rent restroom trailers?

Portable restroom trailers are a precious asset for:

  • Largescale construction sites with a long project timeline.
  • Businesses undergoing renovations that need auxiliary restrooms,
  • Mobile events that will be stationed in one location for a set period of time.
  • Locations that have experienced property damage.

If your situation fits the bill, read more about the advantages of renting a restroom trailer for the long haul.

4 Types of Situations to Rent Restroom Trailer

Let’s take a closer look at situations where renting a restroom trailer is a long-term solution that just makes sense.

Construction Sites

Construction projects are at the top of our list because they can famously last for weeks, months, or even years. It’s much more cost-efficient for contractors to rent restroom trailers that take care of the long-term needs of your workers.

For example, our portable shower trailers come standard with the necessary features and amenities to keep workers clean and to support sanitation. Some of our other models feature multiple stalls, making it easier to have restrooms readily available for anyone who needs to use them. 

Investing in a restroom trailer rental is a good idea to maintain health and safety throughout the duration of the project, no matter how long the project will take.

Plus, you can take care of OSHA requirements to make portable restrooms available at the site. Construction managers know how important it is to avoid OSHA violations so the project can remain operational without disruption. For long-term projects, it’s best to go ahead and rent a restroom trailer to protect your workers for the entirety of the project.

Long-Term Outdoor Events

A long-term outdoor event needs restrooms, but having one or two portable toilets won’t always cut it. Portable restroom trailers can be paired with great sanitation options like hand washing stations, making this combination essential for large outdoor gatherings.

Luxury portable restroom options are also ideal for luxurious events taking place at a set location. Our luxury event trailers have a spa-like quality, with brilliant lighting and fantastic amenities. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to treat their guests to a lovely experience at every opportunity – even when they just need a nice place to fix their hair.

Businesses Under Construction

If your business property is undergoing renovations that will make indoor restrooms unavailable, you’ll need to provide access to a reliable restroom solution. Portable restroom trailers are ideal because construction may take quite some time to complete. A solution for your employees is necessary to maintain morale and support productivity during the disruption.

Restroom trailers come in various sizes and amenities, so it’s easy to find a solution within your budget.

Regardless of your specific needs, everyone needs access to a clean, sanitary restroom at work, so portable restroom trailers are the way to go.

Property Damage

Damage to business property can be devastating, including potentially making indoor restrooms unusable. The last thing you want is for your employees to wonder where they can use a restroom when they return to work. Give your team peace of mind in this difficult time by renting a portable toilet.

Portable restroom trailers can help you get through the interim period waiting for the damaged property to be repaired. They’re beneficial for business owners because many of our long-term rental options come fitted with showers and other amenities that help your employees feel like they’re using an actual restroom.

Rent Restroom Trailers for Your Long-Term Needs

Construction managers, business owners, and event planners can rent restroom trailers for their long-term needs. The process becomes much simpler when you work with our team of experts.

Texas Outhouse has an extensive and high-quality selection of restroom trailers. We serve customers throughout the Greater Houston area – and we will go anywhere!

Check out the restroom trailer options on our website. When you’re ready to schedule your rental, contact us at 713-785-8050 to rent a restroom trailer that fits your need.