A 10-sink handwash station that is perfect for your construction needs in Houston.

Find Quick Access to Handwash Stations in Houston for Your Workers

Sanitation at Houston construction sites is vital to the continued success of any project. Without proper hygiene, workers can get sick, which will cause delays from not having enough crew members to work the job.

That’s why we recommend supporting your workers with handwashing stations, sanitizing stations, and other hygiene solutions at your construction site.

We believe these units are a critical addition to standard portable restrooms, allowing your workers to wash their hands and support cleanliness at the job site. Having accessible handwash stations at your location will help minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Whether you need basic sanitation products or multi-unit handwash stations in Houston, let’s dive into some of the units you can rent from Texas Outhouse.

Handwash Stations for Houston Construction Sites

A portable handwashing station is an excellent investment you’ll be glad you made. Here are some high-quality handwashing stations we provide for the construction site.

2-Man Handwash Station

This unit is a straightforward solution for improved hygiene on the job. Because these stations are relatively small and lightweight, you can quickly move them whenever necessary. 

The 2-man handwash station’s portable sinks have a soap dispenser on the side, and the sink itself is operated by a foot pump, making it even easier for your workers to stay clean.

10-Man Handwash Station with Heated Water

The 10-man portable hand washing station has unparalleled water pressure for a portable station. The water tank supplies enough heated water for over 1,000 hand washes – satisfying CDC requirements

While these stations are much larger than a 2-man station, they’re no less mobile thanks to support from a trailer that you can attach to any standard pickup truck for effortless travel.

12-Man Handwash Station

Not to be outdone by the other stations, the 12-man handwash station includes 12 sinks that your workers can operate completely hands-free. There’s plenty of space around the station, complete with multiple soap dispensers and a mirror in the middle of the sink. This station can also be easily hitched to a standard pickup truck.

Other Sanitation Solutions for the Construction Site in Houston

In addition to our multi-person handwash stations, you can also support sanitation at the construction site with our other hygienic solutions.

Hand Sanitizer Pumps

Hand sanitizer units are an excellent way to ensure that your site follows proper hygiene protocol.

Our hand sanitizer pumps can conveniently be added to any portable toilet rental, enabling your team to wash their hands without needing fresh water. They also reduce waste since there is no need for paper towels to dry off!

Hand Sanitizer Towers

Hand sanitizer towers are separate entities that deploy anti-bacterial gel to anyone using them. They are fantastic when paired with our handwashing stations as some extra insurance, but hand sanitizing is also a good secondary option if access to water proves difficult. 

These towers make following proper hygiene much faster and more approachable than stopping to use the wash facilities with soap and water.

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Individual hand sanitizer bottles are a must-have for any job site. Texas Outhouse sells hand sanitizer separately to use as you see fit. Packaged in 24-oz spray bottles, our hand sanitizer is perfect for your workers to utilize on-site while moving throughout the job site.

Having hand sanitizer available on the job makes it much easier for everyone to stay healthy with little effort. Your workers won’t have to leave their project work unattended to keep their hands clean.

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We go everywhere to deliver units directly to your job site. For more information about our high-quality handwashing stations and other products, get in touch with our team today!

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