Portable toilets rented from Texas Outhouse for an outdoor event

10 Best Uses of a Large Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are essential for construction jobs and outdoor events where you expect many people to be on-site. These facilities provide suitable restroom access for workers and guests who want to limit their time away from the central activity.

You may even consider renting a large portable toilet if you have ample space at the site or venue and want to create greater comfort for users. Learn why these types of portable facilities are cost-effective and simple to rent, making them popular in many outdoor locations.

Situations That Call for a Large Portable Toilet

Large portable toilets are typically used as a temporary solution in areas where a permanent restroom is unavailable. They are ideal for construction sites because of their durability and ideal for outdoor events because of their convenience.

The best part is that when you work with a rental company such as Texas Outhouse, we will quickly transport the portable toilet to your location. It’s no hassle for you! We’ll also promptly remove each unit after the job or event is over.

Whether you’re managing a construction site, hosting a corporate retreat, or planning an outdoor wedding, large portable toilets are perfect for any occasion. Consider the following examples.

1. Construction Sites 

Portable toilets are a familiar sight at any construction site. Not only is providing portable toilets mandatory according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, but they help increase productivity. This type of facility ensures your workers have easy access to facilities without needing to drive to a nearby gas station or convenience store.

2. Sporting Events 

Outdoor sporting events are extremely popular in Houston, especially adult and youth sports leagues. They can draw significant crowds and last for hours, making proper restroom facilities an absolute necessity.

Remember that the busiest restroom times at a sporting event are half-time and after a game. When you’re planning portable toilet placement at the venue, make sure you take this into consideration.

3. Marathons 

If you’ve participated in a marathon or helped plan a marathon, you’re familiar with rows of portable toilets lining the race route. Texas Outhouse has proudly supported the Houston Marathon and other local races, so we know that large portable toilets are perfect for this type of event. They offer more space, providing a comfortable place for participants and their supporters to find a respite.

4. Concerts and Festivals 

Outdoor festivals often include entertainment, food, drink, and children. Portable toilets throughout the property are important to maintain a clean, environmentally friendly area. Make sure you follow local regulations or bylaws that pertain to portable toilet requirements.   

5. Street Fairs and Carnivals 

Street fairs and carnivals attract various food and drink vendors and visitors of all ages. Families appreciate having access to clean restroom facilities that support the needs of parents and young children.

6. Corporate Events 

An outdoor corporate event or conference will be enhanced by providing access to portable toilets for employees and visitors. You may also consider upgrading to a restroom trailer. These larger, upscale facilities provide your guests with flushing toilets, sinks, counter space, mirrors, and lighting.

7. Family Reunions or Weddings

Some family reunions and weddings are held on a property without adequate indoor restrooms. Fortunately, many backyards or ranches where these types of events are held have sufficient space to support a large portable toilet. We’ll deliver a unit to your location and haul it away when the event is over!

8. Beer and Wine Tasting Events 

A beer or wine-tasting event held at an outdoor venue attracts many people at once. When a significant amount of alcohol is involved, guests will need quick access to clean restrooms. Without adequate facilities, people will spend more time waiting in line than trying the various offerings.

9. Natural Disaster Zones

Any catastrophic event, such as a flood or fire, may render existing restrooms out of service. Displaced individuals might find themselves transported to emergency shelters with thousands of other individuals, making on-site facilities unsuitable to accommodate a large influx of people. 

After losing everything, survivors will want access to the basics, such as a clean and hygienic toilet. Providing portable restrooms with a large holding tank will provide relief for individuals and families looking to get back on their feet. A portable toilet will also help emergency service crews working around the clock to support displaced families.

10. Camping Trips

Camping trips that involve multiple families, friends, or groups call for a portable toilet. You and your guests will more likely enjoy the experience with access to a facility. You won’t have to stress about dealing with poison ivy or other harmful plants near your campsite.  

Plus, portable toilets help keep your campsite safe, clean, sanitary, and hygienic for everyone.

Rent Large Portable Toilets from Texas Outhouse

At Texas Outhouse, we provide accessible large portable toilets and restroom trailers to support the needs of construction site managers, event planners, and others. We have experience delivering portable restrooms to various outdoor events throughout the Greater Houston area. 

Whether you’re planning a luxurious outdoor wedding or a private corporate retreat, we’re sure to have a portable toilet that meets the needs of your guests. Contact Texas Outhouse today at 713-785-8050 to schedule a rental.