A construction site in need of rented portable showers and toilets

Why Rent Portable Showers and Toilets for the Construction Site?

Construction sites are known for their challenging work conditions. Workers must put in a lot of hard work for several hours at a time. That’s why there are requirements to provide construction workers with portable toilets to support their basic needs at a construction site.

To further support your workers, we recommend taking the additional step of renting portable showers for the job site. With portable showers and toilets, you can help your employees maintain a clean environment while on-site.

Portable showers and toilets come with many benefits for construction sites. Find out why it’s a good idea to rent these units to be delivered to your next job.

Why Your Construction Site Needs Portable Showers and Toilets 

Access to a clean portable toilet and shower for construction workers is necessary to create a safe work environment. At a fundamental level, OSHA requires that construction companies provide usable, sanitary toilets on construction sites.

In addition to supporting compliance with OSHA requirements, providing your crew access to clean, hygienic portable toilets and showers carries additional benefits. Here are five reasons why.

1. Increases Productivity

A significant benefit of having portable toilets on your construction site is allowing your employees to complete their job and use a facility without wasting too much time. 

When they need to use the restroom, they can walk across the job site, use the portable restroom, and immediately return to work. Without access to a sanitary unit, this process may take longer, wasting valuable time and money at the job site.

The same principle applies to portable showers. Employees won’t have to worry about their car seats getting dirty or carrying home dirt and debris from the construction site. They will work harder knowing they are steps away from a shower before heading home.

2. Adds Convenience and Enhances Cleanliness

A temporary restroom at a construction site offers convenience for everyone involved in the project. It will give your employees and site visitors a designated place to use the restroom and help maintain sanitation throughout the job site.

Also, having a portable shower at the construction site will contribute to the cleanliness of the job site, tools and equipment used throughout the duration of the project, and your employees. 

Over time, a clean job site will help reduce safety risks, increase productivity, and allow you to reach project deadlines.

3. Maintains Health 

Employee health should be a primary motivator for any company to provide portable showers for their construction site. A portable shower can help you maintain a high health and safety standard at the site.

After your employees have worked with heavy equipment and materials all day, taking a shower before leaving the location can relieve tension and soothe achy muscles. They will also be able to slow the spread of germs, which will help reduce lost time due to workers calling out sick.

Scrubbing down in a shower will remove unwanted bacteria from the skin, keeping infections and diseases at bay. This shower is crucial to construction sites because of the risk of cuts and scrapes on any exposed body part.

Being able to clean up before leaving the construction site will help employees maintain a clean home as well. They will not track construction site dirt and dust into their homes, resulting in more sanitary conditions for their families.

4. Makes Your Site More Environmentally Friendly 

A portable toilet is an environmentally-friendly option to reduce the amount of water used at a job site. For example, at Texas Outhouse, we service portable toilets according to the best schedule for the site. We follow proper disposal methods to reduce waste and increase the usability of each unit.

5. Improves Mood 

Working on a construction site can be stressful. Employees must deal with dust, dirt, chemicals, demanding project schedules, and ever-changing weather conditions.

Having the option to take a shower after their shift can instantly improve employees’ moods, which will help increase productivity on successive days when your crew returns to the job site.

Rent Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Crew 

Giving your construction team access to portable showers and toilets benefits them in many ways. In addition to helping your crew, your company will also find valuable cost savings when you rent through Texas Outhouse.

We offer multiple portable toilet and shower options designed specifically for the construction site:

  • Standard Portable Toilets
  • Women’s Portable Toilets
  • Lift-Eye Can (with or without a cage)
  • Wheelchair and ADA Compliant Toilets
  • Shower Trailers
  • Luxury Restroom Trailers

Contact Texas Outhouse today at 713-785-8050 to learn more about our available units. Our helpful, local team is standing by to schedule your portable toilet and shower rental.