Texas Outhouse provides temporary toilets at the construction site for Houston construction companies

Use These Temporary Toilets at the Construction Site

Temporary toilets and restrooms are a necessary part of construction projects to provide your crew with a designated facility while at the job site. The key is understanding which portable toilets are best suited for your particular construction job.

Additionally, as the construction project advances toward completion, you want to be able to work with a portable toilet provider that can adapt and be flexible to the latest needs of your construction project. For example, you may need the portable toilets to be relocated or moved to another location at the job site weeks or months after the initial delivery.

Keep reading for all of the details on how to get the most out of temporary toilets at the construction site so that you can take care of your workers and meet construction site requirements.

Portable Toilet Solutions for Temporary Use

Texas Outhouse provides a wide range of temporary toilet options for construction sites in the Greater Houston area. Whether you have a construction team of 10 people or 100 people, we have you covered!

We also offer hand washing stations and shower trailers to support sanitary best practices, which is especially important during the current pandemic era. It’s up to you to determine what your team requires, but if you need some advice, we are happy to assist. Call 713-785-8050 for immediate support.

Portable Toilet Options from Texas Outhouse

We offer single-stall portable toilets that are great for small-to-medium-sized crews. Whether you need one toilet facility or a number of toilets, we can help you make the best selection. Your options in this category include:

  • Standard: Your basic porta potty rental for general use at the construction site.
  • Deluxe: Similar to standard, but includes a flushable toilet and a freshwater handwashing sink.
  • Women’s: This one comes in pink to set it apart from other toilets. It contains no urinals and is also equipped with a flushable toilet and handwashing sink.
  • Caged Lift-Eye: Contained within a steel metal cage that can be attached to a crane, these portable toilets are made to be used on top of multi-level buildings.
  • No-cage Lift Eye: Similar to the unit above, just without the cage.
  • Elevator Half-Can: Built for high-rise building construction sites, these portable toilets are narrow so they can be easily rolled onto elevators and moved through hallways.
  • Can-On-Wheels: We make mobility easy!
  • European Urinal: Equipped with 4 urinals to allow multiple workers the option to utilize them at the same time.

Portable Restrooms

Our restroom trailers support the needs of larger construction teams, with the possible addition of changing rooms and space to rest. Your options in this category include:

  • 2, 4, 8, or 10-Stall Restroom Trailers: Comes with private stalls, urinals, handwashing sinks, and vanities with mirrors to provide an exceptional restroom experience.
  • 2-Stall Mobile Restroom with Handwash: We designed these units for large job sites. The trailer can be hooked to the back of a pick-up truck and relocated to the desired location.
  • 3, 4, or 8-Stall Luxury Restroom Trailers: Ideal for construction workers to have a space to change before or after their shift at the construction site.

Helping You Meet OSHA Rules for Temporary Toilets

We will work hard to ensure that you are compliant with OSHA requirements for portable toilets at the construction site. Through a collaborative approach, we can help you decide where to place the temporary toilets at the construction site.

– Consider the construction industry rules and regulations (as specified by OSHA) that we will help you meet:

  • Ensure an adequate number of restrooms to support the size of your team.
  • Only fair and reasonable restroom use restrictions should be set.
  • Restrooms should always be easy to access.
  • Toilets should be private, including the option to lock, and the ability for genders to stay separated.
  • Toilets need to be well-lit and ventilated.
  • Soap and water must be provided.
  • Individual hand towels or air blowers must be provided.

We also aim to meet your construction site’s needs for placing portable restrooms in a convenient location so that your team can perform tasks in a safe, productive manner with minimal disruption.

– Consider these convenience and safety recommendations that we will also evaluate with you:

  • Toilets should be placed off to the side and away from the primary work location for safety purposes, but not too far away so that workers can still walk a short distance to use a facility.
  • The surrounding space should be uncluttered and risk-free.
  • Try to find an area that has some privacy, like behind a building or amongst trees.
  • Place toilets on a level surface on solid ground that is not too close to a building site or construction area that is being disturbed.
  • Units should be placed in a location where they can be easily serviced. We will work with you to create the ideal service schedule to minimize interruption.

Schedule Temporary Toilets for Your Construction Project Today!

Starting a new construction project? In the middle of a current project and need more portable toilets at the construction site? It’s a good idea to give us a call at 713-785-8050 to schedule a portable toilet rental for your project in the Greater Houston area.

Please don’t hesitate to ask about our custom solutions for temporary toilet use at a construction site so we can meet your specific project needs! We will help you determine what rental makes the most sense and get your delivery scheduled today.