What to Look For in a Portable Toilet Supplier

There are many portable toilet suppliers throughout the Greater Houston area. We understand that you have many options for your event, construction site, or residential project.

However, we believe that portable toilet suppliers can be broken down into three categories to help you decide which supplier is the best option for your specific needs:

  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Service

Availability of Portable Toilets is Crucial

One of the most important characteristics of portable toilet suppliers is the availability of portable toilets. We understand that not every job or event comes with a perfectly laid out schedule where you can schedule portable toilet services months in advance.

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Sometimes, you win the bid for a job on Monday and you’re expected to begin work by Friday. In addition to trying to finalize construction plans, procure materials, and schedule workers, you need to make sure you have portable restrooms for your team. And you don’t have time to wait for availability!

Texas Outhouse difference: We have an ample supply of portable restrooms ready to be mobilized from our centrally-located Houston facility. Just look at this overhead photo from our facility to see our availability.

Reliability of Service is Team-Driven

It’s one thing to have portable restrooms ready to be mobilized to your location. It’s another thing to have a capable and reliable team ready to deliver and remove portable restrooms on your timeline.

Texas Outhouse difference: We are extremely proud of the men and women drivers on our team who handle the transportation of portable restrooms for our customers. We even strategize creative solutions to deliver portable restrooms in hard-to-reach or difficult locations. That’s why customers rely on us to get the job done.

Servicing Ensures Viability of Portable Restrooms

What happens in between the delivery and removal of portable restrooms? The restrooms need to be serviced. Your guests, workers, or customers shouldn’t have to wonder about the portable restroom experience. They should be able to confidently utilize the facility and get back to their business.

Texas Outhouse difference: The cleaning and overall servicing aspect of our service is just as important as delivering and removing the portable restrooms. We simply will not accept an unsatisfactory portable restroom experience. That’s why our drivers will service the portable restrooms in the middle of the night, at daybreak, or whenever is convenient for your schedule.

Contact Texas Outhouse for Portable Restrooms

You’ve seen our signature Texas Outhouse portable restrooms throughout the Greater Houston area. Now, take advantage of our availability, reliability, and servicing capabilities. We pride ourselves on being the leading portable toilet supplier in Houston. Schedule our services to find out why.

Contact our Customer Service team today to schedule delivery of portable restrooms and set the servicing schedule. Call 713-999-6178, email [email protected], or complete our website form with your information to let us know about your service needs.