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Why You Should Be Planning for Fall Events Right Now!

Spring has passed and summer is here, which means that your deadline for fall event planning just moved up. And that’s okay because we’re here to help you plan in advance for your waste collection needs.

When we think about the types of events that need to be planned out three months in advance, we think of major sporting events, fall weddings, outdoor concerts, large family gatherings, community fairs, back-to-school fundraisers, church gathering, fun runs or races, and many other types of exciting fall events.

As you begin to formulate your plan for the fall event you are planning, make sure you include these critical waste services in your plan.

Fall Event Planning: Portable Restrooms for Guests

The most important waste service that should be included in your plan is portable restrooms. Clean, portable restrooms are welcomed by users and guests at your event.

The key is understanding how many portable restrooms to rent in order to provide a comfortable experience for each of your guests.

For example, we provided more than 50 portable restrooms for the Chevron Houston Marathon earlier this year. For other events such as school or church gatherings, we have provided a handful of portable restrooms.

Texas Outhouse will gladly work with you to determine the number of portable restrooms to rent for your event. We do not want you to go over your event budget renting too many restrooms. However, we want to make sure you have enough restrooms to support the expected number of guests or patrons at your event.

Fall Event Planning: Luxury Restroom Trailers for Premier Events

Some fall events require an exquisite touch. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, an event with special guests or performers, a corporate gathering for valued clients, or any other premier event, we recommend considering luxury restroom trailers.

Luxury restroom trailers are the ideal method to provide a comfortable, relaxed experience for a select group of guests. We think of luxury restroom trailers as a spa-like experience on wheels.

To help event planners this fall season, we launched an expanded service through our new Luxury Restroom Trailers brand. To support the launch, we added to our fleet of luxury trailers to ensure we have availability for your fall event.

To view our selection of ADA compliant, 2-stall, 3-stall, 4-stall, 8-stall, and 10-stall trailers, visit LuxuryEventTrailers.com.

Contact Texas Outhouse for Fall Event Planning Support

Our company is looking forward to a fantastic fall season of providing portable restrooms and luxury event trailers to customers. Make sure you schedule services in advance to ensure that you take care of waste services and can focus on other aspects of your event plan.
To inquire about service availability this fall, contact our Customer Service team. Call 713-999-6178, email [email protected], or complete our website form with your information to let us know about your special event.