How to Choose a Portable Restroom for Your Event

Texas Outhouse was proud to provide portable toilets for the 2019 Chevron Houston Marathon in January. Our team worked closely with marathon staff members to plan for the optimal portable toilets and to ensure a quality experience for each marathon runner and supporter.

When choosing portable restrooms for events, it’s important to plan ahead and to understand which portable restrooms are best-suited for your event. Consider these tips to select portable toilets that match the needs of your event.

5 Types of Portable Restrooms for Events

We recommend selecting from these five types of portable restrooms to support your event.

1. Standard Portable Toilet

A standard portable toilet is the most popular portable toilet in the industry because it is designed to serve a cross-section of individuals or the general public. This includes marathons, outdoor concerts, sporting event parking lots, special events for holidays, family reunions, and other events that attract a large, diverse crowd.

Also, this type of portable toilet is popular for larger events because of the cost-saving opportunity. Renting a large number of standard portable toilets in bulk creates great value for your expenditure.

2. Deluxe Portable Toilet

Compared to a standard portable toilet, the deluxe portable toilet is popular for a more exclusive crowd. Instead of holding an event for the general public, you may be holding an outdoor company picnic, off-site corporate event, an invite-only outdoor award ceremony, or other special event with a limited crowd.

When considering this type of toilet, you are not as concerned about bulk ordering or serving a large number of patrons. Instead, you are more focused on providing a greater user experience for a select crowd.

3. Women’s Portable Toilet

The needs of most events will be satisfied by a standard or deluxe portable toilet. However, if you are holding an event where you expect to draw a predominantly female crowd, then you should consider women’s portable toilets.

The women’s toilet is built on the deluxe portable toilet concept, does not include a urinal, and can be locked. This type of toilet is ideal for an outdoor women’s rally or race, a women’s gathering in your church parking lot, a large outdoor wedding shower, or other special event.

4. Can-On-Wheels

The can-on-wheels concept is the combination of a standard portable toilet and a mobile feature. A trailer with wheels is affixed to the bottom of the standard portable toilet to create mobility.

This type of portable toilet is ideal for outdoor events where the central event/activity is taking place in an off-site location away from the main road. For instance, an outdoor concert or sporting event set up in a large field away from the main parking lot. Your staff can then wheel several can-on-wheel portable toilets to an area adjacent to the concert or event.

5. Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets

wc qrkg7kWe recommend that you have wheelchair accessible portable toilets at outdoor events that are open to the general public.

Wheelchair accessible units are specifically designed for individuals with special needs to make a three-point turn. The features include a flat-floor design for easy wheelchair access and maneuverability, as well as interior grab bars.

Contact Texas Outhouse for Event Portable Restrooms

We recognize that each event is different. Whether you are planning an exclusive corporate gathering, largescale event like the Chevron Houston Marathon, or a special outdoor family event, we want to work with you to find the optimal portable toilets for your event.

We offer standard and deluxe portable toilets, women’s portable toilets, can-on-wheels, and wheelchair accessible portable toilets. Contact our team in advance of your event to discuss your needs and how we can provide the best support to make your event a success.

You can reach us by completing the Inquiry form on our website, emailing us at [email protected], or by calling us at 713-785-8050 to speak directly with our customer service team. We look forward to hearing from you!