Hand Sanitizer Towers

hand sanitizer tower

Hand Sanitizer Towers

Texas Outhouse offers hand sanitizer tower solutions to support employees, customers, staff, and guests at your location. Our towers are ideal for places of business, retail shops, restaurants, healthcare locations, schools, daycares, places of worship, and event venues in the Greater Houston area.

The towers offer a quick and efficient way for users to clean their hands using anti-bacterial gel, while also reducing trash waste by eliminating the need for paper towels when drying hands.

Two-unit Hand Sanitizer Towers can be easily placed in strategic locations that allow for two users to clean their hands at one time. These towers can be placed outside of entry doors or inside a building to be used as individuals enter.

Four-unit Hand Sanitizer Towers allow for multiple users to clean their hands at one time. This tower is ideal for event venues, lunch tents, and places of business where multiple individuals are expected to gather at one time. Individuals can safely social distance while using the tower.

Additionally, our hand sanitizer towers can be included with any portable toilet rental for an additional charge.

Call us today at 713-785-8050 to find out more about renting one of our hand sanitization towers. Ask to speak with Craig Ray.

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