A 3-stall portable shower and toilet combination rental.

Take a Look at Our Portable Shower and Toilet Combo Rental Options

Budgeting for large outdoor events or long-term construction projects can eat up a lot of time and resources. You’ll have to make tough decisions and balance many spinning plates, including deciding what portable units you need to rent to support the needs of guests, workers, and other parties.

Two of the best units to rent are portable shower trailers and portable toilets. Fortunately, you can make the decision-making process much easier on yourself with a portable shower and toilet combo rental from Texas Outhouse.

Find out how you can yourself money and stress by getting this two-in-one deal.

Why a Portable Shower and Toilet Combo Rental?

Our shower and restroom units are high-quality, portable facilities. We also provide our clients with top-notch service at all times. Here are some scenarios where portable restroom rentals could benefit you most.

For Event Planners: The Main Event

Event planners have to be jacks of all trades. They’re expected to have a plan for every situation and anticipate every need. It’s a stressful job that gets more difficult as the event gets more involved.

Finding a restroom solution for guests can be a significant source of contention for big outdoor events and weddings. Is a portable restroom enough? Or will your attendees also need portable showers?

Fielding these questions can take the focus off of other aspects of your event. Fortunately, with Texas Outhouse’s mobile shower trailers and restroom rentals, you can cross “provide restrooms” off your to-do list. We’ll take care of everything – all you need to do is contact us for your combo rental!

Our customizable options make choosing your rental plan smooth and budget-friendly. If you know that you’ll need several portable restrooms but only a smaller shower to give your guests the option of freshening up, we can make that happen. We can also supply multiple shower units for more expansive multi-day events.

No matter how specific or general your needs are, our team can get you the rental package that meets them.

For Construction Managers: Comfort + Satisfy OSHA Requirements

Portable restrooms are a mainstay of construction sites. Sometimes, smaller restroom trailers won’t cut it for long-term projects. That’s where the portable shower and toilet combo comes in handy.

Our shower-toilet combo can be the saving grace for construction managers who need to take care of their workers, satisfy OSHA requirements for providing access to portable toilets, and stay within the confines of a budget.

We’re all about flexibility and hygiene, which is why we offer so many options to our customers. And since the budgets of long-term projects can seem to disappear into thin air sometimes, it’s always good to find a way to save on upfront costs.

Toilet and shower combos are also helpful for disaster relief efforts, in which it may be a safety hazard for your workers not to have access to a shower. 

Our Portable Shower Rentals

Our portable shower trailer features eight stalls with two different configurations. Each stall has a separate changing area, shower with a private lock, holding tanks with hot and cold water, sinks, and even power outlets.

Portable showers are ideal for long-term rentals but also valuable for the short-term. If you’re working on an expansion project, contractors may need showers if they don’t have immediate access to water.

Our Portable Toilet Rentals

Every portable toilet from Texas Outhouse is ready to use and easy to set up and move. Aside from the standard portable toilet, our catalog features multiple options for every occasion and event. We even have a can-on-wheels option to make moving a snap, which is perfect for fast-paced construction sites. 

We also offer a deluxe portable toilet with no urinals designed especially for women. It’s a great way to give your guests a private place to excuse themselves where they know they’ll be comfortable.

Furthermore, our wheelchair-accessible and ADA-compliant portable toilets ensure that all guests feel included during the event.

Do you need something special for a wedding party? Discover the difference our luxury restroom trailers can make in your client’s experience. Whichever setup you choose, we guarantee you’ll be glad you did come event day.

Reserve Your Portable Shower and Toilet Combo Rental

From dedicated workers to the dearly beloved, everyone deserves a comfortable place to find relief while at the construction site or at a special event.

We have the right combination of units to bring your event or construction site to another level without breaking the bank. The experts at Texas Outhouse are ready to help you find a suitable portable shower and toilet combo rental combination.

Plus we’ll go anywhere in the Greater Houston area to deliver the units and service the units.

Contact us to discuss pricing that fits your needs. Our local, expert team can help you get started today! Call us at 713-785-8050 to speak with a representative.