Portable toilet and sink rentals at an event venue.

Protect Your Event Guests with a Portable Toilet and Sink Rental

Have you been brainstorming a list of everything needed for the next big event you’re planning in Texas? The list might include decorations, catering, and entertainment, but what about a portable toilet and sink?

Portable restrooms and handwashing units are not always at the forefront of the event plans, but these units are incredibly important to keep your guests safe, healthy, and comfortable. Find out why!

Benefits of a Portable Toilet and Sink Rental to Protect Guests

When you rent portable units from Texas Outhouse, you can increase the quality of the event for all guests. Take a look at the advantages of enhancing the event with our units!

Good, Clean Fun

Your guests will mingle and shake hands, grab finger foods and cocktails, and snap group selfies with various devices. It all sounds like such a blast – until someone gets sick.

A portable sink rental from Texas Outhouse ensures you can provide your guests with clean, fresh water at your next event. Giving them a way to wash their hands keeps germs at bay and decreases the risk of illness.

A portable sink won’t just keep your guests safe. It will also help you maintain your reputation for hosting clean, hygienic events rather than making safety and sanitation an afterthought.

More Time for Guests to Enjoy the Event!

Even if the event space has an indoor restroom facility, these facilities can quickly become overwhelmed. Or, the facilities may not be immediately accessible near the primary event space.

Providing guests with an outdoor portable restroom and sink can go a long way. Sometimes, guests will only need to wash their hands, which can take up space in indoor bathrooms and cause long bottlenecks at specific points throughout the event.

Extra facilities will allow you to keep things moving and offer easier access to crucial handwashing stations. The more accessible you make handwashing, the more likely your guests will be to practice good personal hygiene. So, having a portable handwashing station in the open is an excellent reminder for everyone to keep their hands clean.

Set and Forget

If you’re planning a longer event that will last for days, weeks, or even months, portable sinks and toilets are the perfect solution to increase confidence in the cleanliness of the event space.

Texas Outhouse’s portable sink units are equipped with water tanks that can service hundreds of hand washes before needing replacement. And since all of our rentals are low-maintenance, you can focus on managing the event and maybe having some fun yourself.

Our units are also terrific for short-term events involving many moving parts, like weddings in Texas. Often, the ceremony is at one location, and the reception is elsewhere on the property. Guests will move throughout the event, and you want to ensure they have continuous access to a clean restroom space.

Renting your portable toilets and sinks together ensures you’ve ticked all the boxes for the event plans. You’ll have confidence that the health and well-being of your guests are in good hands.

Save Money

Outdoor events come with a lot of expenses. So, it’s crucial to find ways to save anywhere you can. Fortunately, our portable restroom and handwash units pair up nicely. You can rent them together to save on expenses.

You can protect your event budget by combining two rentals into one while ensuring that your guests stay clean and healthy.

Keep Guests Safe with Portable Toilet and Sink Rentals

A portable toilet and sink can protect your guests’ well-being and give you much-needed peace of mind as a host. If you’re ready to discover a money-saving rental package, contact us today to discuss your event needs with our team!

Call us at 713-785-8050 to discuss the best rental option for your Texas event!