Sporting event portable toilets set up at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX for Texans Football Gameday

Rent Our Sporting Event Portable Toilets for Athletes and Guests

Sporting events are brimming with excitement as fans cheer for their team and athletes give their all to make their supporters proud.

One of the wonderful things about sporting events is that they are flexible — they can take place just about anywhere. From NRG Stadium in Houston to a local neighborhood park, even small fields can be the site of a big game that involves the community.

But what if your space lacks proper or adequate restroom facilities? That’s when you should consider renting sporting event portable toilets from Texas Outhouse!

Texas Outhouse has assorted portable toilets that are perfect for outdoor sporting events. They’re great as extra insurance for a larger crowd or as a separate restroom for the athletes.

Why Rent Sporting Event Portable Toilets?

There are many instances when portable toilet rentals for sporting events could be helpful. We have years of experience providing the perfect restroom facility for each of our customers’ events.

Convenience and Care

Working with experts makes it easy to manage sanitation at your sporting event. Each Texas Outhouse portable toilet rental comes clean and ready for game time. And the various selections and customization elements give you complete control over your rental. No matter what sanitation needs you have, we guarantee we can deliver.

Portable restrooms come with built-in convenience and mobility, allowing event planners to identify where you best think the restrooms should be placed. This flexibility can be beneficial in smaller spaces where traffic flow could quickly clog up an area and cause confusion or discomfort.

Additionally, portable restrooms can be more convenient for guests — the more options to find fast relief the better, so they never have to miss a second of the action.

Games often sell concessions, potentially increasing the stress on a bathroom that would be sufficient under normal circumstances. That’s another reason extra restrooms are vital for sporting events: pre-game activities, halftime, and post-game activities can cause a bottleneck around fixed restrooms as everyone rushes to get concessions and use available restrooms.

Spectators feel added relief when they see they can opt for a portable restroom without waiting in long lines. Having enough portable units on-site gives everyone plenty of time to take the break they need and jump back in before the game starts again.

Inclusivity Is Important

It’s important that none of the sports fans in attendance at your event have to worry about where they will be able to access a restroom. In addition to standard portable toilets, Texas Outhouse rents women’s portable toilets, ADA-compliant restrooms, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms that cater to each guest’s needs.

Each unit is thoughtfully designed to support the needs of every guest, including families with small children who may need a changing station at some point during the day’s activities.

Our units can serve as a safeguard in the event that you hold a game, event, tailgate, or another sporting event at a location where restrooms are not readily accessible to everyone.

Flexible Facilities

Why should you make portable restrooms a part of your game day plans? Because there’s no better way to support everyone involved. All-day soccer tournaments, for example, will have many people attending, not to mention long hours. You’ll want to ensure you have ample portable restrooms for sporting events like these. 

Races are another fantastic example of sports events that go hand-in-hand with portable toilet rentals. Placing standard portable restrooms along the route can benefit onlookers and racers alike. If racers need to make a pit stop, having multiple facilities at checkpoints can make all the difference.

You may want to cater to those who like gathering just as much as they like watching sports. Tailgating is a popular activity that typically takes place in parking lots with no options for restrooms.

With our clean units on-site, tailgaters can spend all day in the parking lot grilling, spending time with family and friends, and having a great time without worrying about restroom access. In fact, we have supplied portable toilets for NRG Stadium during Houston Texans games. You may have spotted one of our units while enjoying the lively atmosphere on gameday.

Anything for the Athletes

Tournaments that last all day create physical strain for athletes. It’s also a long time to be at one location. Athletes will need a place to use the restroom before a game, after a game, or while waiting for their next game.

Sometimes there’s a pre-designated spot for restroom access, but this area could also be shared with guests, making things more complicated. Giving athletes dedicated rentals set apart from the crowd can help tournaments stay on schedule and not force players to bob and weave in and out of the crowd.

Texas Outhouse also rents luxury portable restrooms that are perfect for spoiling your champions. These luxury restrooms are ideal for out-of-town teams that need a place to unwind and maintain focus before or after each game. They are also fantastic as an added gesture to help keep the home team relaxed and ready to defend their title.

Texas Outhouse: The Champions of Sporting Event Portable Toilets

It doesn’t matter who’s playing — everyone wins when you rent sporting event portable toilets from Texas Outhouse.

When you need portable restrooms or restroom trailers for your next sporting event in the Greater Houston area, we can’t wait to hear from you! Get in touch with us today at 713-785-8050 to get the ball rolling on your rental.