A Texas Outhouse portable toilet accessible for women

Rent a Portable Toilet for Women to Support Your Guests

Do you want to make your next outdoor gathering as comfortable for your guests as possible? Do you want to ensure that anyone who attends your event stays for the entire duration? If so, consider setting aside funds in your event budget to rent portable toilets for all guests.

One of the best options is a portable toilet designed explicitly for women.

If your event lacks a convenient space for your guests to use a restroom facility, it could cause them to feel less relaxed, to leave earlier than intended, or both. Additionally, doesn’t the idea of serving food and drinks without fast access to a restroom seem odd?

Having a portable toilet for women is especially important, as your guests will likely be inclined to stay longer if there are comfortable amenities and a favorable climate. The backbone of this arrangement is a dedicated area to safely and securely use a restroom and freshen up.

10 Best Reasons to Rent a Portable Toilet for Women

Event planners, we recommend renting dedicated portable toilet units for women to create an excellent event experience.

1. Flushing Toilets Make All the Difference

When it comes to attending an important event and staying for a long time, having access to a flushing toilet makes all the difference. A portable toilet with flushing capabilities will leave your female guests feeling fresh and clean.

2. Portable Toilets Create Immediate Access

If your goal is to make your guests comfortable, forcing them to walk a long distance to a fixed indoor restroom will work against the satisfaction of your guests. By providing access to a portable restroom with enough space to freshen up and relax, you’re showing your guests that you care.

A spacious portable toilet is even more critical when planning a large event. That’s because many people are unconsciously claustrophobic. By giving them a safe place to be away from the crowd and find some personal space, you are ensuring they can return to the event refreshed and ready to enjoy themselves.

3. Moms Have a Space to Pump

If any of your guests are new mothers, they might need a private and spacious place to pump. By providing a portable toilet, you’re giving them a space where they can comfortably and safely take care of their needs.

Pumping can make some women feel extremely self-conscious, so it’s best to have a few spaces throughout your event where they can move away from the crowd and set up their pumping equipment.

While it is important to have a safe pumping space for female guests, it is especially crucial if any of them are keynote speakers or guests of honor. After all, if your event is centered around their participation, you’ll want them operating at their highest potential rather than in a tailspin because they couldn’t find a place to pump.

4. Provide a Comfortable Place to Change

Let’s face it — accidents happen at events. Whether it’s a spill or a broken fastener on their clothing, no woman wants to be caught without a dedicated space to fix the issue. Additionally, if anyone needs to change their costuming for practical or job-related reasons, you’re going to want ample space for them to do so.

Having portable toilets at your special events will ensure all your guests have a comfortable place to change and remedy the situation. This show of privacy support will ultimately reflect positively on you and your client.

5. Portable Toilets Are Great for Any Occasion

If you are hosting a large-scale event, the last thing you want is your guests waiting in line to use the restroom. In addition to taking up their time, long lines mean your guests are not present to participate in your event.

Portable toilets are the ideal solution to reduce the length of lines. You will be able to provide ample restroom space while still accommodating a large number of guests, creating a workable solution for events of any size.

6. Ensure Climate Comfort

Outdoor events can prove challenging due to the unpredictability of the elements. This reality is especially true of special events in Texas, where the climate can be somewhat erratic. One week it’s cold and rainy; the next week, it’s hot and humid.

If the weather is scorching on the day of your big party, there’s not much you can do about it. If available restrooms are compact and cramped, this is going to make the situation even worse, as those types of places tend to fill with people and get humid rather quickly.

This situation also applies if it is cold or wet outside. A space visited by hundreds of people is more likely to become dirty and wet and won’t have the comforts of a more private space.

If your goal is to make sure your guests stay comfortable no matter what the weather is like, then a portable toilet is the way to go for outdoor events in Texas.

7. Make Good Use of Your Space

Portable toilets can be deployed almost anywhere in your event space. Their inherently modular nature gives you an advantage when accommodating your guests. If you are splitting your restrooms into designated areas for males and females, portable toilets will allow you to optimize the space and create a safe environment.

With larger events, crowd control is more important than most people realize. That’s why portable toilets are so handy. By staggering them throughout the space or placing them in designated areas, you have some degree of control over how the crowd moves and gathers. 

This flexibility can prove invaluable for the safety and well-being of anyone attending your event.

8. Tap Into More Venue Options

Many venues simply don’t have a good restroom setup. A lack of clean or accessible permanent restrooms could deter you from selecting a specific venue. But renting portable toilets allows you to compensate for the lack of indoor restroom capabilities and tap into more opportunities to choose awesome venues.

The flexibility associated with portable toilets will give you more options when selecting venues, which in turn gives you more control over the event.

9. Portable Toilets Are Versatile

Portable toilets are handy because they can be easily transported. 

If you are hosting a multi-day event, you may discover that the initial setup needs to be tweaked. When you rent from Texas Outhouse, our crew will work with you to move the restrooms to a different location.

Being able to move and shift the location of restrooms after gathering initial feedback will optimize the comfort of your guests throughout the event and give you more control over the flow of the event.

10. Guests Can Wash Their Hands and Feel Clean

One of the main reasons you should rent a portable toilet for women at your events is the extra amenities they offer. 

For example, you can rent handwashing stations to accompany portable toilets, allowing your guests to thoroughly clean their hands after using a unit. To support crowd control, you can place each unit at different locations in the same general area.

You can also rent one of our combination mobile restrooms and handwash trailers that include portable toilets and a sink with running water to create a centralized location for cleanliness. No matter your preference, we have a solution that works for your event.

Get the Right Portable Toilets for Your Event

Whether you need one portable toilet for women or multiple units for larger events, we will ensure you can access the ideal number of restrooms to create an exceptional experience.

Reach out to Texas Outhouse to schedule rentals for your next Texas-based event. We provide women’s portable toilets, restroom trailers, and more.

Contact us today at 713-785-8050 and let us know how we can help make your event exactly what it needs to be.