A rented, mobile handwashing station was set up at a construction site.

Rent a Mobile Handwashing Station for the Construction Site

Managers of construction sites know how important it is to meet project deadlines, stay within budget, protect the safety of workers, and keep the job site clean and organized.

It’s also important to have the right sanitation solutions at the job site. Portable toilets are universally understood as an important piece of the job site. But equally important is renting a mobile handwashing station to accompany portable restrooms.

Find out why a handwash unit is valuable for a construction site.

Why You Need a Mobile Handwashing Station in Construction

Consider the value of renting a handwashing station from Texas Outhouse that crews can use at the construction site.

Employee Health

Construction is a messy job, and getting your hands dirty is easy. Employees can spread germs around the project site if they don’t have a place to wash their hands. And depending on the kind of project you’re completing, some germs could be hazardous to your employees’ health.

Furthermore, many projects require workers to be in close quarters, increasing their chances of having health issues that could affect their work.

Having enough handwashing stations isn’t just about keeping clean. Construction is a high-risk job where injuries can happen. A place to wash your hands is vital in emergencies to reduce the chances of an employee contaminating a wound.

Plus, employee health is a major consideration in meeting deadlines and saving money. Sick employees can’t work efficiently – or at all – meaning you’ll have to find replacements or reschedule certain project phases.

Renting a handwash unit also shows you care for and value your workers’ well-being. This simple gesture demonstrates to your team that their health is important to you, boosting morale and performance.

Overall, renting a portable handwashing station from Texas Outhouse is an investment in the health of your employees and project.

OSHA Compliance

Construction sites are held to high standards by OSHA. The requirements are clear for construction sites: employers with 11 or more hand laborers must provide ample handwashing facilities for employees exposed to harmful contaminants.

The rules state that soap, single-use towels, and potable hot water — not moist towelettes or hand sanitizer — are necessary for preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. 

Struggling to be OSHA-compliant could affect how others in your industry perceive you. It could also give you a reputation for being an unsafe construction company, possibly driving away business or talent. Staying OSHA-compliant is also crucial for ensuring your project will avoid red tape roadblocks.

Portable hand washing stations from Texas Outhouse make compliance easy. For further protection, consider renting hand sanitizing towers to maximize the sanitation of the job site.


The work to be done at the construction site often moves from one location to another. Having access to portable sinks allows you to move these units exactly where they can support your crew. This flexibility means employees are more likely to use the sinks, and it will take less time to get from their work area to the handwashing station and back. 

Portable sinks are also beneficial in areas that lack standard plumbing. Our portable handwashing sinks are standalone units requiring no extra installation or plumbing hookups on your end. It’s crucial for job sites that may need access to plumbing or power sources to have options like this.

Keeping things mobile makes it easy to keep the labor team clean wherever they are. There’s never any situation where your employees can’t use these stations, which makes managing hygiene stress-free.


Renting individual handwashing units and portable toilet units allows you to place each unit strategically around the site.

  • You could place restroom and handwashing units right next to each other in the central workspace.
  • Alternatively, it could be best to space out the units depending on space constraints or traffic flow throughout the job site.
  • Or, create a completely dedicated area away from the primary work to be done. Texas Outhouse has you covered there as well. You can rent our mobile restroom and handwash trailer to create a separate environment for relief and hygiene.


Staying within the budget can be a challenge for some construction jobs. One area you don’t have to worry about is choosing sanitation solutions.

Our rentals are affordable, and we have multiple options to fit every budget. Our 2-man hand wash station is perfect for small jobs or residential projects. We also have a 10-man hand wash station complete with heated water for larger jobs.

You can mix and match these stations to fit your needs without overspending. And there are no extra fees; you pay for your rental, and we’ll handle maintenance, set-up, and removal. 

As you know, unexpected costs typically pop up at construction sites. The costs you save by choosing our flexible sanitation solutions will come in handy down the road to support the overall project budget.

Keep the Site Clean with a Mobile Handwashing Station Rental

Contractors should be aware of how important it is to provide all workers at the construction site with ample space to wash their hands. Portable units are crucial for improving flexibility, cost-efficiency, and safety.

We encourage you to rent a handwashing unit for your next project. Call us today at 713-785-8050 to learn more about our units. We are ready to discuss the mobile handwashing station option that works best for your crew and job site.