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Planning a Summer Event? Use These Resources for Event Planners

Summer is the perfect time to plan a big outdoor bash or a wedding at a uniquely Texan venue. But planning a special event, even as an event professional, can be a demanding experience.

You want to have as many resources as possible to help organize a successful event. Here are some resources for event planners to consider.

Resources for Event Planners to Simplify Event Management

Get your list ready to prepare for success!

Portable Restroom Units

We recommend renting portable units from Texas Outhouse to support the needs of guests who will be at the event venue. What units should you rent?

Our local team can mobilize these units to your location so that you’re ready and prepared for event day. Let us check this critical item off your list!

Get Technical About Event Planning

Remembering every last detail, date, and time for your summer event is too much of an ask for anyone. That’s why industry professionals know how to outsource essential information using high-quality event management software.

Event management tools allow you to unload vital information where you can keep it organized and accessible whenever you need it — no sticky notes are required! 

Another savvy tip is to check out event planning blog posts for unique tips and tricks. Search for ones specific to your event that echo your plans to see what others did. You may find some inspiration among the industry trends that could change how you plan your event for the better!

Promote Through Every Channel

A successful event requires a robust marketing strategy to get the word out. Look for event marketing tools to help you drum up interest and send information to attendees – whether through email, social media, or other channels.

For example, social media marketing is incredibly efficient at generating buzz for local events such as outdoor concerts, performances, and sporting events.

Keep in mind that it’s challenging for everyone to remember the events they’re loading onto their social calendar. You want to have a way to send out reminders, follow-ups, and save the dates to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Call on Industry Titans

Some businesses are in the business of helping others plan the perfect event. And it’s often valuable to see how hiring these companies could benefit you. 

If you don’t want to sift through endless recommendations looking for the right service, you can look at what other pros like yourself use. One of the best resources is the well-known Planner’s Lounge. Many event planners herald it for its sheer amount of resources. And it’s budget-friendly and flexible compared to other options.

While there are some paid resources like the highly recommended Wedding Planner’s Toolbox, the website also has many other free resources that serve as a terrific jumping-off point for any level planner to be more efficient.

Listen in on the Pros

What’s one more podcast to add to your list? Podcasts are an excellent resource because you can multi-task while absorbing information. And you’ll be happy to hear that many podcasts discuss event planning.

Many planners discuss industry trends and the challenges of planning events and offer tips and tricks to take advantage of. You can usually search most platforms, so searching for “summer events” could bring up the most noteworthy podcast episodes for your upcoming events.

All Things Event Planning with April” is the quintessential listen for the event planning newbie. Host April Knight-Copeland created this podcast with new event planners in mind, and each episode can help anyone interested in event planning or production careers find the right footing.

Connect with the Event Planning Community

Chatting with other professionals directly can be an excellent way to gather invaluable information and get feedback on your plans. 

The Planner’s Lounge has an exclusive VIP lounge for wedding planners specifically to come together to share their experiences and provide advice. There’s a fee to join, but it’s one of the only wedding planner forums geared specifically toward wedding planning professionals.

Other social media sites can also be an excellent boon to the newer event planner. The clever use of some Twitter hashtags could net you some surprisingly good tips, even if you’re just searching for them rather than tweeting yourself.

Plan for Everything and Be Ready for Anything with Texas Outhouse

These resources for event planners are a taste of what’s available to pros and novices alike. And as you’re planning, don’t forget to plan for portable toilets, restroom trailers, and handwash stations for your outdoor event!

Talk with the experts at Texas Outhouse today about setting you up with everything you need to support your guests at the big summer event you’re planning.

Call us at 713-785-8050 to speak with a local, helpful team member about your event planning needs. We’re ready to help you make a big splash this summer!