Texas Outhouse providing equipment and trailers for Houston businesses and City of Houston

Helping Houston During a Time of Need

Our company is proud to call Houston home. When we saw a great need for our city during the ongoing health crisis, our teams sprang into action providing services and equipment for a variety of purposes.

– To help businesses, we expanded our line of handwash stations and enhanced other services to ensure we can meet the need for businesses throughout the Greater Houston area.

– To help the City of Houston, we have provided equipment and support at testing centers to support critical frontline healthcare workers.

How We’re Helping Houston Businesses

We are committed to supporting the health and safety of essential service providers, businesses that have remained open during the health crisis, and customers visiting places of business. Here is how we are striving to help.

– We acquired more handwashing units to deliver to our customers. These are available immediately to be delivered to your place of business.

– We have made available hand sanitizer and cleaner for job sites. This topical, non-sterile solution comes in 24 oz. spray bottles at $20 per bottle. You can also acquire a 6-pack for $100.

– Our new Eye Wash stations are now available at a 20% discount. These are ideal for essential service providers and heavy-duty industries.

– At our company’s Dump Site, we are offering $25 off the service price for first-time customers. The Dump Site is ideal for removing waste from smaller construction projects, homebuilds, and DIY construction projects. Simply call ahead to schedule delivery of your waste and mention the discount.

– We are supporting the oil and gas industry by making available luxury trailers and shower trailers for on-site use. This equipment is on-site at many refineries and chemical plants for emergent use in the event of a facility needing to lock down.

How We’re Helping the City of Houston

Frontline workers at the official City of Houston testing sites are doing incredible work. We are proud of our team’s coordinated effort making a large contribution to our city’s health crisis relief efforts.

We have equipment at 7 test sites in and around Houston. Specifically, we have provided shower trailers, event trailers, and handwash stations at the testing locations.

Our team has been witness to the incredible work being performed by healthcare workers at these testing locations. It has inspired us to continue meeting each day’s needs during the ever-changing crisis situation.

Contact Us For Support

We have been fortunate to work with many businesses and the City of Houston during the health crisis. Should you need new or additional services to support your business, project, employees, contract workers, or customers, please contact us immediately.

We are here to help and to provide needed services to keep Houston going through this challenge.