Texas Outhouse water services truck that can be mobilized during emergency waste cleanup services by texas outhouse in houston, texas.

Available 24/7: Call Us For Emergency Waste Cleanup Services

This year has proven that we should expect the unexpected. From the health crisis to economic disruption, Houston businesses have been greatly impacted by unexpected challenges in 2020.

While we can certainly hope that this is the peak of disruptions this year, we also recognize that an emergency situation could happen at any given time.

Fortunately, you have a partner that you can lean on 24/7 to provide emergency waste cleanup services for your place of business, construction job, project site, or other location throughout the Greater Houston area.

Primary Emergency Waste Cleanup Service We Provide

Our primary form of emergency waste services is removing water build-up from locations. This could be in the form of numerous different situations:

  • A weather event dumps a large volume of water at an open construction site.
  • Your place of business loses water containment, causing flooding.
  • A water line near your location opens up, causing pooling in undesired areas.
  • You need to contain water before it spills out onto the street or nearby location.

We provide this type of emergency service through our Vacuum Truck Services. We can quickly mobilize our trucks to your location to provide immediate relief and help prevent damage or undesired outcomes.

Additional Emergency Waste Services We Provide

Because each emergency waste situation is unique, you may require additional services to support the site, project, or place of business.

– For example, if your place of business loses water containment or water pressure that renders indoor restrooms unusable, you may require a mobile restroom solution.

The mobile restroom solution could be portable toilets or restroom trailers to support workers, staff, and customers. We can provide this support in addition to our primary service of removing a large volume of water from your location.

– In another example, there could be an incident where workers are on-site during an emergency situation. If exposed to chemicals or other hazards, workers may need access to an eye wash station to protect their health.

We can quickly mobilize portable eye wash stations to your location for workers to use following the emergency situation.

Access to Additional Emergency Waste Services

We are fortunate to have access to additional resources to support businesses during an emergency situation.

– We are affiliated with Gainsborough Waste, who can provide roll-off dumpsters to manage waste during an emergency situation.

For example, you may need access to a roll-off dumpster to handle materials at a job site that have been ruined or compromised due to water damage.

– We are also connected to restoration service companies throughout the Greater Houston area. 

Through our partnership with these companies, we can help get your business or job site back up and running if there has been extensive damage.

Contact Us 24/7 for Emergency Waste Cleanup Services

An emergency could happen at any time, which is why we offer around-the-clock support. Our support team is available 24/7 to answer the call when you need a reliable partner to provide emergency services.

Keep this number on hand – call 713-785-8050 to reach the Texas Outhouse team.

We’ll be ready to answer the call when an emergency occurs, and our team will help identify the right solution from our available services and partnerships to support your business. We’re here for you when you need us.