Texas Outhouse portable toilet located at a large road construction project in Houston

Need a Portable Toilet Supplier for a Big Construction Project?

Are you managing a large scale construction project in the Greater Houston area and need a reliable portable restroom solution? Texas Outhouse is here for you as a portable toilet supplier!

Whether you’re tearing up and replacing roadways or constructing buildings on multiple acres of land, your team will need the proper restroom support throughout the duration of the project. This means working with a dependable portable toilet provider that will deliver, service, and re-locate the portable toilets to ensure that your construction teams remain supported.

Main Reasons to Rent Portable Restrooms for Construction Sites

Clean, sanitary portable restrooms help keep your construction teams safe, protected, and content with their work conditions.

– Follow the Requirements. OSHA guidelines help dictate the ratio of portable toilets to construction workers/contractors that you need to keep in mind. There are many factors that could affect the ratio at different points in the project, such as the addition of full-time workers at different stages or a change to the primary location where the work is conducted. As a portable toilet supplier, we will work directly with you to help maintain the proper ratio by adding or moving portable toilets.

It is also important to keep in mind certain city or county requirements. We recommend calling the local supervising office to learn about any laws, ordinances, or requirements specific to the area where the project will be taking place. Make sure you conduct thorough research to ensure compliance. This will help avoid costly fines or downtime if the project is temporarily shut down for review.

– Provide Safe and Sanitary Options. OSHA also has specific guidelines for portable toilets needing to be in sanitary condition to be counted as part of the ratio. This additional requirement highlights the importance of renting portable toilets that will meet the standard for safety and cleanliness.

Focusing on health and safety is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. You want to take care of your workers at a human level and also avoid costly downtime if workers contract the virus and are unable to work. Fortunately, our units are specifically designed to protect users from unsanitary microorganisms, bacteria, and diseases to help reduce risk.

– Keep Up The Morale. We recognize that massive construction projects are not easy for work crews. These projects take a lot of time, coordination, and precision, so you need your teams to feel taken care of as the days, weeks, and months roll on. We will work closely with you to make sure the portable toilets are continuously serviced on your schedule. This will support morale so that the work stays on track and the project is completed with efficiency.

– Consider Business Privacy. Another reason to provide portable toilets for your workers is to simply provide them with an alternative to using the restroom of a nearby business. Businesses that are near the project could already be stressed about noise, debris from the work, and traffic headaches. So, it’s a good idea to be considerate of how you can minimize any additional stress for others in the area. Providing workers with their own personal restrooms will save both your team and other businesses from any uncomfortable tension during the project.

Where to Position Portable Restrooms at the Job Site

When considering where portable toilets should be placed at large job sites, the goal is to focus on convenience and safety.

You want workers to be able to conveniently access portable toilets near the primary location where they are performing work. But, you also want to protect workers by not forcing them to walk into oncoming traffic or having to walk through hazardous areas to access the restrooms. Here are some factors to consider when deciding where to place portable toilets:

  • Select an unused space that is far enough from the site to protect those who are not working but close enough to reduce lost time.
  • Though portable toilets should be closely located to the work being performed for convenience, privacy should also be considered. Consider areas where there are trees, bushes, shaded areas, or other structures that can block the view.
  • Make sure the portable toilets are accessible only to your team so that passerby’s do not use them. This is mainly to prevent the public from coming onto your site, possibly getting injured, and creating a legal situation.
  • Portable toilets need to be placed on a level surface to avoid tipping and not too close to an area that could be disturbed during construction.
  • Keep in mind that the units will be serviced regularly, so they should be placed in a location that is easily accessible for pumping and cleaning.

Fortunately, our team of experts have decades of experience supporting largescale construction projects to identify the ideal location for each portable toilet. We can help you strategically identify the best spots to support your team, avoid safety hazards, and provide us with access to regularly service the restrooms.

Consider Renting Portable Toilets from Texas Outhouse

You have likely seen our clean, sanitary portable toilets at other largescale construction sites throughout the Greater Houston area. Now it’s your turn to select Texas Outhouse as your portable toilet supplier.
Whether supporting a large road project or a massive building project with hundreds of workers, we are prepared to meet every challenge. Contact us today to discuss a portable toilet solution that fits your budget and timeline. We can be reached through our website, by calling 713-785-8050, or emailing [email protected].