Texas Outhouse restroom trailer available for rent in Houston, Texas

The Ideal Restroom Trailer Rental for Upcoming Events

Planning events during this year has presented numerous challenges. You’ve had to overcome spring event cancellations and postponements, resource constraints, staffing limitations, and perhaps some cancellations during this current fall season.

Now, every fall event and especially 2021 events are increasingly valuable as you do your best to serve guests, meet Texas health guidelines, and create the best experience possible to build repeat business.

One way to maximize the event experience for your guests and to check all the boxes for health and safety is to rent a restroom trailer.

Why Consider a Restroom Trailer Rental For Your Event?

Restroom trailers are the ideal enhancement for any event where you want to exceed expectations and increase the satisfaction of your guests.

Taking this route is especially important if the event that you are planning has been forced to move outdoors because of health restrictions. Providing a restroom trailer for guests, staff members, and other attendees to utilize will be a welcome sight for each individual.

A restroom trailer can also help you meet health guidelines for events, as outlined by the state of Texas. A standard restroom trailer includes private stalls that create social distancing and handwashing sinks with running hot and cold water that allow users to wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds.

What Type of Restroom Trailer Should You Rent?

At Texas Outhouse, we rent multiple types of restroom trailers to meet a variety of event needs through our Luxury Event Trailers brand. Our restroom trailers are the newest and most elegantly-designed in the Houston market.

Whether you are supporting an intimate gathering of select guests or a large event needing to separate groups of people to meet health requirements, we can help by providing restroom trailers at your venue or location.

Our standard restroom trailers include: 

  • 2-Stall
  • 3-Stall
  • 4-Stall
  • 8-Stall
  • 10-Stall

We have a selection of 8-stall trailers with a shower that is very popular for outdoor weddings and similar events where guests need a designated area to change or refresh throughout the day of the event.

We also offer specialty restroom trailers to help you meet ADA requirements for wheelchair access at events:

  • Single Stall ADA
  • ADA Plus Men’s and Ladies’

Additionally, if you are unsure which restroom trailer rental is the right fit for your event, our team will meet with you — with a trailer in tow — and walk you through the interior of the trailer. During the visit, we’ll show you how the trailer layout can be configured to meet the specific needs of your guests and other users at the event.

Contact Texas Outhouse for a Restroom Trailer Rental in Texas

We know this has been a very stressful season for event planners throughout Texas. We have the privilege of working with many great planners in the Greater Houston area, and we want to make sure you are also taken care of with upcoming events in Fall 2020 and into 2021.

Take advantage of the opportunity for a complimentary pre-event site meeting with our team to discuss your event. Then, once you decide on the restroom trailer rental, we’ll work with your schedule to make the proper delivery and removal arrangements.

We are proud that our delivery team is safe, courteous, and highly-experienced in all event type environments. Plus, our special events director Craig Ray will be with you from the beginning to the end to ensure the ideal experience renting a restroom trailer from our company.
Contact us today to discuss your event need and to schedule a site meeting. We can be reached through our website, by calling 713-785-8050, or emailing [email protected]. Ask for Craig to receive direct assistance!