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25 Events to Rent a Portable Toilet in Houston

Are you planning an event in the Greater Houston area for a business, club, social gathering, concert, family reunion, wedding, contest, fair, sporting event, or other event?

Portable toilets are the ideal choice to provide welcome relief for guests when standard restrooms are inaccessible in relation to the location of the event.

And, because our company is committed to cleaning portable restrooms on your schedule, we will ensure that the portable toilets remain clean, sanitary, and satisfactory throughout the duration of your portable toilet rental in Houston.

A Comprehensive Guide to Portable Toilet Rentals for Events

To help you think about all of the different options for a portable toilet rental, consider this list of 25 events to rent a portable toilet in the Houston area.

1. Race or Fun Run. We all know the weather in Houston can be hit or miss. Summers can be unbearably hot and winters can be unusually cold. But, we all live for those beautiful race days when the sky is clear and the air is perfectly crisp. Make sure racers, supporters, and event staff have access to portable toilets at strategic locations on the race path.

2. Fair. We all love a neighborhood or county fair! The smell of food, the sound of kids playing games, and the opportunity to win prizes brings us back every year. Make sure you have portable toilets for guests, attendants, and staff throughout the duration, especially if you are dropping the fair in a temporary location that requires quick set-up and tear down.

3. Football Tailgate. Football and the state of Texas. It just goes together. For special event planners at NRG Stadium, the University of Houston, Rice, TSU, and other universities in the Greater Houston area, rent portable toilets to place in strategic tailgate locations so that tailgaters have quick access to a restroom before the game.

4. BBQ Cookoff. Whether the cookoff is at NRG stadium during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or in the parking lot of a business on a Saturday afternoon, make sure you have portable toilets to support grillers, contestants, judges, and onlookers.

5. Outdoor Theater. Another way to enjoy those pleasant weather days in Houston is attending an outdoor play. Event planners should ensure easy access to portable toilets for attendants, set-up and tear down teams, and special guests.

6. Holiday Celebration. Let freedom ring! If you’re hosting a fireworks display for the Fourth of July or another special celebration for your community during the year, rent portable toilets for guests to enjoy before and after the event.

7. Wedding Festivities. There are many opportunities to utilize portable toilets for the events associated with a wedding. Whether it’s a bachelor party for the guys, an outdoor bridal shower on the farm, rehearsal dinner, or the actual wedding day, make sure you plan ahead by renting portable toilets to serve each valued guest and participant.

8. Car Show. The visual and audio atmosphere of a car show is amazing. Vintage, luxurious, and rare vehicles on display, engines revving, and car fans cheering on makes for a wonderful spectacle. Make sure the drivers, fans, and videographers are taken care of with portable toilets.

9. Airshow. We are a proud sponsor of the Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington Field. We know how important it is for guests to have access to portable toilets at airshows — whether at Ellington or elsewhere in the Greater Houston area.

10. Festival. The bands. The music. The concertgoers. The atmosphere is exciting and memorable. Make sure attendants, musicians, and concert support teams have easy access to portable toilets throughout the duration of the festival. We can help place toilets at strategic locations, especially if the festival requires a significant amount of walking to reach the main concert area.

11. Graduation. Planning a big outdoor graduation party? With all of the family members coming in from out of town to celebrate the monumental event from a family member, make sure they have convenient access to a portable toilet after long travel.

12. Kids Sporting Event. Whether it’s a soccer tournament, flag football tournament, swim meet, or other outdoor sporting event at the local park, make sure everyone involved in the sporting event has the opportunity to find relief throughout the day or in-between games.

13. Birthday Party. It’s time to celebrate a milestone birthday! Bring everyone together — family, friends, and neighbors — for a big outdoor birthday bash. Include on-site portable toilets to create a welcome break for everyone in attendance.

14. Anniversary Celebration. Do you know a married couple approaching 30, 40, 50, or even 60 years of marriage? Now is the opportunity to plan a major celebration in style by inviting special guests that want to honor the longevity of the couple. Make sure you rent portable toilets to support guests!

15. Church Outreach. Are you involved in helping plan a community outreach event at your church? In addition to scheduling food trucks, bounce houses, a petting zoo, and live entertainment, schedule portable toilets for guests visiting your church.

16. Family Reunion. Is it your turn to host the big family reunion? Or, has your family grown so much that you need a bigger venue to host the reunion? After selecting the right size venue in the Greater Houston area for the family reunion, rent portable toilets. Your out-of-town family members will appreciate your Texas hospitality.

17. Office Party or Company Outing. Celebrate the season, the new client, or the milestone year of being in business with a company party. Invite vendors, customers, employees, family members, and colleagues to celebrate in style. Make sure they’re taken care of with access to portable toilets.

18. Corporate Retreat. Is it time for the quarterly or annual leadership retreat? Perhaps heading to the woods for team-building, reflection, and vision-casting? Make sure key leaders are supported with access to portable toilets at the central meeting location. Don’t worry, we’ll deliver them — even in the woods.

19. Picnic. We traditionally think of a picnic as two people getting together for a pleasant lunch in the park. But, the picnic concept has grown to include lots of people gathered together for a common purpose. If you’re planning a big picnic gathering, schedule portable toilets.

20. Political Rally. Are you supporting a candidate for local office or helping plan the candidate’s appearances? When you schedule an outdoor rally, town hall meeting, or other event that will bring in lots of potential voters, give them the extra touch of access to clean, portable restrooms.

21. Industry Conference. Are you hosting a big industry event or trade show this year in Houston? Impress attendants with portable toilets at strategic outdoor locations. Make sure they are taken care of throughout their visit.

22. Craft Show. Outdoor craft shows are popular at different times of the year in Houston. It’s amazing to see what vendors bring to the craft show to make available for purchase. When planning the next craft show, schedule portable toilets to help vendors, attendants, and event personnel.

23. Farmer’s Market. Similar to a craft show, the farmer’s market is a great way to find unique food and other goods that you can’t find in a typical store. Whether you run a weekly farmer’s market or a seasonal farmer’s market, make sure you have portable toilets available for everyone at the location.

24. Fundraiser. Are you inviting a large group of people to a fundraiser for a worthy cause? If it’s an outdoor fundraiser, make sure you have portable toilets throughout the area where the fundraiser is being held, especially in the area between the parking lot and venue. We can help strategize the ideal locations.

25. Pet Adoption. Finally, who can resist adding a friendly (and furry) new creature to their family? If you’re planning a pet adoption event in your local neighborhood, make sure everyone has access to a portable toilet to use throughout the day until all of the pets have a new home.

Ready to Schedule Service?

There are numerous events on a daily basis in Houston. There are also so many reasons to hold an event. We covered 25 types of events that you should consider a portable toilet rental in Houston.

We’re ready to support your event by delivering, servicing, and removing portable toilets to the planned location. Just contact us to discuss the details of the event, the expected attendance, the times and dates of the event, and we’ll get you set up with a portable toilet rental.

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