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Rent Portable Toilets from Texas Outhouse For Your 2020 Events

It’s time to make plans for special events in 2020! Thanks to the continuous warm weather we enjoy in Texas, events can be held outside throughout the year. Or, you may set up tents to keep the event indoors in the event of inclement weather.

Whether you are organizing an indoor or outdoor event in 2020, you want to make sure that restroom facilities are available for all guests. If permanent restrooms are not available on-site or if they are not available in a convenient location, then it’s a good idea to rent portable toilets from Texas Outhouse to ensure that your guests’ needs are covered!

4 Reasons to Rent Portable Toilets for Special Events

1. Easy access for all. No matter a person’s age or physical condition, every guest needs easy access to a facility. Remember that when hosting special events, guests often enjoy their share of complimentary drinks and purchased beverages. Not having an easily-accessible facility could become a problem fast.

When renting a special event portable toilet for use at the event, pay special attention to where to place the toilet. Ensure it’s in close proximity to the center of the event. This will allow people to quickly use the facility and not feel like they have to miss out on any part of the event when stepping away.

2. Promotes good hygiene. Even if there is a permanent restroom at an outdoor venue, the facility is oftentimes not cleaned as often as guests would prefer. This can make things very uncomfortable for your guests, including subjecting them to unexpected messes and foul odors. 

That’s why we recommend directing guests to a portable toilet that will be cleaned and well-maintained. We also recommend including handwashing stations with the portable toilet(s). These are easy to maintain and your guests will appreciate that you have provided a sanitary option for them.

3. Makes cleanup simple. Everyone’s least favorite part of any special event is clean-up. Messes can get pretty big, especially if you are organizing a larger event.

With portable toilets, you will have one less thing to worry about cleaning up. Texas Outhouse takes care of the transportation, cleaning, and removal of the toilet from the venue, checking a big item off your teardown checklist.

4. Convenient for all types of events. No matter what type of special event you are planning in 2020, a portable toilet is always appreciated. Here are our recommended events this year:

  • Fairs. Fairs attract hundreds or even thousands of guests, plus shop and food vendors that set up tents over a large span of outdoor space. That is a lot of ground to cover. Therefore, portable toilets should be accessible and placed in multiple convenient locations for easy access.
  • Galas. Classy events use portable toilets to ensure that guests have a convenient restroom option. There are so many beautiful outdoor spaces that you can decorate to create a magical environment for your gala, and a portable toilet is a necessary addition to your plan.
  • Outdoor concerts. Whether a festival or a local concert in a backyard, fans of the band need a restroom option during long sets.
  • Sporting events. Softball games, flag football tournaments, and tennis matches are often held in parks and recreational facilities. Unfortunately, the pavilion restrooms are not always left unlocked for public use, especially during certain times or days of the week. When planning a sporting event, verify restroom accessibility. Then, make sure that participants, fans, coaches, and referees have access to a restroom by renting a portable toilet.
  • Graduation parties. Even if you’re planning a graduation event at a house that has multiple restrooms, it’s best to rent a portable toilet that can be placed in the backyard and away from the main house. This can save you a lot of stress in the long run by offering multiple restroom options and keeping guests outside where the party is located.

Rent Special Event Portable Toilets

Are you starting to plan your 2020 special events and need a portable toilet solution? Reach out to Texas Outhouse and we will set up your rental today.

We offer very competitive rates, we can deliver portable toilets anywhere in the Greater Houston area, and will deliver, service, and remove the portable toilet(s) on your schedule.
Contact us via our website form, by phone at 713-785-8050, or by email at [email protected].