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Why Schedule a Portable Eye Wash Station For Your Worksite?

Companies in the manufacturing, fabrication, and construction business understand the importance of workplace safety. A critical area to target for safety improvements is eye safety.

U.S. companies lose millions of dollars and thousands of man hours each year from eye-related injuries. According to industry research, this is the total amount lost on an annual basis:

  • $300 million in medical bills, compensation, and downtime.
  • 27,000 lost work days due to eye injuries.

One way to help reduce the effects of eye injuries for your company is to consider adding a portable eye wash station to your worksite, especially in areas where workers are at the highest risk for eye injury.

Why a Portable Eye Wash Station at the Worksite?

There are two kinds of eye wash stations that are popular for the worksite.

There is a plumbed station that requires a permanent hook-up to a water supply. Then, there is a portable eye wash station that does not need to be plumbed or placed in a permanent location.

Some companies may require a plumbed eye wash station if supporting a large number of employees or if needing to cover a large area inside the facility.

For most companies, though, we recommend a portable eye wash station placed at strategic locations inside your facility, near the job site, or on-site at a construction project.

Even if your company does not handle chemical materials, we recommend renting a portable eye wash station if employees are exposed to hazardous materials, such as at a construction site, manufacturing/fabrication facility, or similar location.

The Importance of Servicing the Portable Eye Wash Station

The key to effective use of a portable eye wash station is ensuring proper maintenance that complies with OSHA standards. That’s where Texas Outhouse provides value to companies by not only providing the portable eye wash stations, but also maintaining and upkeeping the stations.

Our eye washing stations are the ideal alternative to purchasing a costly eye washing station that requires internal upkeep and maintenance. When renting from Texas Outhouse:

  • We maintain the integrity of the eye wash station.
  • We ensure compliance with the latest OSHA standards.
  • We work with your schedule to ensure prompt delivery/removal and routine servicing. 

We encourage you to contact us today to inquire about renting portable eye wash stations for your facility or site. We believe that incorporating a station into your location will help reduce the risk of costly eye injuries and lost manhours.

To inquire about service, contact our Customer Care team through our website, by emailing [email protected], or by calling us at 713-785-8050.