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5 Types of Indoor Events That Need Portable Toilets

When you are preparing for a special event, everyone starts with the obvious to-do’s. These usually include what type of food to serve, who is invited, purchasing decorations, and cleaning the area where the event will take place.

Then, depending on the type of event and the location of the event, it’s also very important to consider the restroom set-up and determine if you need to provide any extra accommodations. This is especially true for outdoor events, but what about equally important events that take place indoors?

You would hope that convenient and accessible accommodations are provided, but that isn’t always the case. Consider these types of events where you may need to rent portable toilets for indoor use to ensure your guests, staff, and other attendees have access to a clean restroom environment.

Indoor Events to Consider a Portable Toilet Rental

1. Circus. A circus usually includes some main attractions, oftentimes in a tent or other indoor set-up. Surrounding the main events, there may be vendors or other exciting small to large-scale events. Circuses attract a lot of people, and that means restrooms need to be accessible in multiple areas. Portable toilets are a reliable solution to ensure easy access for everyone!

2. Indoor Music Fest. Much the same reasoning as above, music festivals have a lot of activity, and the activity tends to be spread out. With so many people walking to different sites, restrooms need to be located in more than one convenient location.

3. Family Reunion. You can’t always be choosy when it comes to the location of your family reunion. After all, the family doesn’t always stay close, and that means finding a convenient meeting spot for everyone. Say you find the perfect building to meet, but the building is old and only has one bathroom. If you have a large family, it’s a good idea to rent portable toilets for indoor use. We’re sure your loved ones, especially those extended family members, would appreciate the refreshment!

4. Job Fair. Attendees at a job fair may end up in a completely different location than where they started after visiting multiple booths and having several productive conversations with employers. Make sure they have convenient access to a restroom facility through strategically-located portable toilets. After all, attendees have important things to think about; make sure they don’t have to back track to the entry point to visit the restroom.

5. Sports Championships. Similar to a music festival or circus, a sporting event, tournament, indoor meet, or championship will have many attractions spread out in a large space. And, we know these events include plenty of beverage and food consumption. To be a good host, make sure you provide multiple restroom options for these types of events.

Reasons to Rent Portable Toilets for Indoor Use

In addition to large crowds requiring multiple toilet options, there are other considerations that may encourage you to rent portable toilets for indoor use.

  • Plumbing issues: Events that draw a large crowd can be tough on plumbing, especially in older buildings. Avoid the need to pay for repairs by providing temporary portable toilets that will not cause a plumbing headache.
  • Cleanliness: Heavy foot traffic to one bathroom location will quickly create a dirty space. Solve this challenge and keep mess to a minimum by providing multiple restroom options.
  • Sanitation: Large events are a hub for germs. Providing portable toilets for indoor use helps to keep bacteria and viruses from spreading, especially when serviced by a company such as Texas Outhouse that ensures a clean, sanitary experience for all users.

Contact Us for Indoor Portable Toilet Rentals

Portable toilets can be a great asset for your next big indoor event. Make sure guests, patrons, vendors, and staff have access to a clean, sanitary restroom at strategic locations inside your venue.

Contact Texas Outhouse today to inquire about portable toilet rentals to use for indoor events. Our Customer Care team will set you up with the right number of portable toilets and create a custom service schedule to ensure the toilets are delivered, serviced, and removed when you need them!

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