Portable restroom shower rental from Texas Outhouse

Protect Your Crew with Portable Restroom Shower Rental Options

Major projects like storm cleanup or commercial construction often take months to complete. For these types of projects, a portable shower rental can help your crew maintain sanitation and reduce time away from the job site.

Beyond keeping your team on-site without forcing them to sacrifice cleanliness, these rentals can deliver a range of benefits to keep the project on track toward completion.

Take a closer look at why access to a portable restroom shower rental makes sense for your project and your team.

6 Benefits of a Portable Restroom Shower Rental for the Job Site

No matter what type of project you are managing, you can support your crew with the support of a restroom shower. Here’s why we recommend renting a unit to support the project.

1. Address Hygiene Needs

After a severe storm or weather event hits the Texas coast, the focus shifts to disaster relief. Many businesses and residential households will have to deal with the loss of hot and cold water. Even your own relief crew may face the loss of sanitary conditions since they will likely stay in nearby accommodations.

When you rent a shower trailer, you can address these issues and give your work crew the resources they need to stay clean. The large water tanks in a shower trailer will ensure your team can shower on a regular basis. Bacterial and fungal infections will be less likely when your team can practice good hygiene throughout the relief effort.

2. Provide Privacy on the Site

A shower trailer is a great companion to portable restrooms. You can provide your crew with ample space to address their personal needs. Whether they need to quickly change their clothes after attracting dirt and debris or attend to other hygiene matters, you’ll want to provide a larger space that’s still private.

Portable shower trailer rentals provide a private, spacious area to attend to these needs. Whether your team needs to recover from operating construction equipment or you’re managing an emergency storm cleanup crew, a portable shower trailer will help you provide privacy to your team members.

Every team member can feel more comfortable on-site with this small measure of privacy.

3. Keep Your Rentals Secure With Easy Mobility

While construction sites tend to be secure, there are situations in which the job site might cross over with the public. A benefit of mobile shower trailers is that you can position them in any location. Choosing a spot where the public is less likely to visit will allow you to have tighter control over who uses the showers.

For example, security will become a bigger issue when you’re faced with a long-term storm cleanup or construction project. You can place portable restroom units in common areas near where the majority of the work will take place while keeping your shower trailer rentals in a restricted area. The mobility of the rentals makes it easy to keep these areas separate.

4. Reduce the Risks of Medical Emergencies

When there’s a lack of bathing areas and restrooms, facilities are promptly needed to provide access to clean water and soap. While portable toilets can serve as a stopgap, certain environmental or climate conditions require clean water on a larger scale. A lack of access to water can increase the risks of heat stroke and other medical emergencies.

A portable restroom trailer with showers and larger water tanks provides better access to hot and cool water. This can help your crew keep cool in hot and humid climates. And when you’re working in a disaster area that has lost the use of public utilities, these resources can help you protect the health of your team.

In addition to shower trailers, you can equip your team with handwashing stations and emergency eyewash stations. These resources will help your crew treat health hazards before they worsen and require professional medical care.

5. Prepare for Long-Term Situations

Many situations require long-term solutions. You’ll need to provide reliable onsite services – such as air-conditioned portable toilets and showers – to meet your crew’s daily needs. When the situation lasts longer than expected, temporary measures may be insufficient.

Fortunately, a shower trailer rental helps you meet the long-term personal hygiene needs of your crew. While you should try to accurately estimate how long you’ll need restroom and shower trailer rentals, you can always extend your use of the trailers. This effort will help you meet basic hygiene needs in an ongoing situation.

6. Provide More Comfort and Better Working Conditions

The convenient access to restroom and shower facilities will make it possible for your crew to work without sacrificing their basic needs. They will feel healthier, and personal hygiene issues, such as unpleasant odors, won’t affect team performance.

With these rentals, your crew can continue to work together without the disruption that hygiene issues might otherwise cause. The result is reduced sick days, less overtime, and more productive teams throughout the duration of the project.

Showers Keep Everyone Clean and Happy

Among the many benefits that a portable restroom shower rental will provide, one of the most important is that it can boost team morale. When your team feels clean and safe, they will perform key duties in a more efficient manner.

You can take advantage of all of these benefits and choose from a variety of portable rentals when you turn to Texas Outhouse. Whether you need support with a construction project or disaster cleanup effort, we are here to help.Contact our local customer service team today for timely support that fits your needs.