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3 Benefits of a Portable Hand Sanitizing Station

We have many customers in the commercial and residential construction industry that utilize our portable toilets at their job site. Some customers rely on our expert servicing to keep the portable toilets clean and sanitized. Others desire an extra level of cleanliness for their workers by utilizing portable hand sanitizing stations.

We understand that not every customer has the budget to schedule delivery of both portable toilets and hand sanitizing stations. However, we believe that including a handwashing station with portable toilets produces an extra level of cleanliness that will pay off in the long run.

The Payoff From Portable Toilets and Hand Sanitizing Stations

Construction workers at the job site handle a considerable amount of raw materials, are exposed to chemicals, and oftentimes perform work in difficult weather conditions. Even when taking every precaution to protect themselves, workers can still be affected by repeated exposure to difficult conditions.

Including a handwashing station with the portable toilets at the construction or job site helps support the health of workers. This leads to the following benefits for construction managers and homebuilders.

1. Reducing Absenteeism from Sickness

Handwashing or hand sanitizing stations allow construction workers to clean their hands before and after using a portable toilet. This helps reduce the risk of health issues at a communal location such as a portable toilet.

The benefit is cost savings. Instead of needing to scramble to find a replacement worker if a worker calls out sick, you will be able to rely on your team staying healthy throughout the duration of the project. This also allows you to maintain the timeline without needing to slow down construction.

2. Reducing OSHA Claims

Workers who attribute a sickness or illness to the construction site could file a complaint with OSHA. Including a station with your portable toilets will help your cause that you took additional steps to protect the health of workers.

The benefit is maintaining your good standing in the industry. You want your company to retain a stellar reputation as a safe construction company or homebuilder that protects workers.

3. Increasing Morale at the Site

Including a hand sanitizing station at the construction or job site is a visual cue to your construction workers that you take their health seriously. Many workers may be pleasantly surprised to see a station next to the portable toilets when they are only accustomed to having access to a portable toilet.

The benefit is increased productivity from workers. It’s no secret that when workers feel taken care of and valued, they are more productive. Taking an extra step beyond the industry standard to include a handwashing station with portable toilets will serve your company well.

Consider Our Portable Toilets and Handwash Stations

Texas Outhouse proudly supports construction companies and homebuilders by providing portable toilets and handwashing stations for construction workers.

We offer an industry-leading selection of portable toilets for the job site. We can also include handwashing stations such as our 2-Man Handwash Station (as pictured below) or our larger 12-Man Handwashing Station for largescale construction projects.

Contact our Customer Service team today to schedule delivery of portable toilets and a handwashing station for your construction or job site. Call 713-999-6178, email [email protected], or complete our website form to inquire about delivery.

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