Texas Outhouse offers porta potty rentals for parties and other events in Texas

Fall 2021 in Texas: Rent Portable Toilets for Parties & Other Events!

The fall season in Texas is a wonderful time of the year to plan an outdoor party or event. Whether you’re planning a football watch party for your local community or a pumpkin patch at your place of business, there are so many ways to bring people together.

And, as Texans start to feel more safe and comfortable going out to events in 2021, there will be even more opportunities to plan parties and events this year. This means you need portable restrooms, restroom trailers, and handwash stations to support the needs of your guests!

As one of the leading providers of porta potty rentals for parties in Texas, we can help you navigate all the details! Keep reading for the information you need to make informed decisions this fall.

What Types of Fall Events Should I Rent Portable Toilets?

There are so many different types of events that you could plan for in Texas this fall season. Here are some of our favorite fall events that we can help you with by renting portable toilets, restroom trailers, and handwash stations:

  • Weddings
  • Watch parties
  • Sporting events
  • Cookoffs & crawfish boils
  • Wine tasting parties
  • Halloween events
  • Outdoor corporate gatherings and parties
  • Milestone birthday parties
  • Special anniversary parties
  • Local fairs
  • Races and 5Ks
  • The list is endless!

Basically, if you are planning an outdoor event where a significant number of people are expected to gather in one place, then you want to make sure their restroom needs are taken care of.

How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need For an Outdoor Party?

A big question that party planners need to consider is how many portable toilets will satisfy the needs of guests. Consider our general guidelines for standard outdoor events in Texas:

  • Number of Guests and Length of Event. We recommend 1 toilet for every 50 guests and 5 hours expected length of the event.
  • Who is Coming? Depending on the age range of your guests, you may require some additional units for families and individuals with special restroom needs.
  • Beverages. If you plan on serving alcohol, you may want to consider increasing the number of units that you rent to accommodate more frequent trips to the restroom.
  • Food. If food is a centerpiece of your event, then consider increasing units as well.
  • Pre-existing Restrooms. Check in advance to see whether there are any accessible restrooms at or near the event venue. If there are existing restrooms nearby, then this will affect the additional accommodations you choose to provide for your guests.

Every event is different. We want to work with you to make sure you have the appropriate units to satisfy each need you anticipate for the event. And, even if you don’t anticipate every need beforehand, we have the ability to bring even more units to your location when needed.

What Types of Portable Restrooms Should I Rent?

We offer a wide selection of portable toilets and restroom trailers to satisfy the needs of every guest that will attend your fall event. Whether you just need a few portable toilets or need a more upscale solution by renting our restroom trailers, we can help! Consider our selection.

Our Portable Toilet Options For Texas Events

  • Standard portable toilets
  • Deluxe portable toilets
  • Women’s specific portable toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible portable toilets
  • ADA Compliant portable toilets

Our Restroom Trailers Options for Texas Events

  • 2-Stall restroom trailers
  • 3-Stall restroom trailers
  • 4-Stall restroom trailers
  • 8-Stall restroom trailers
  • 10-Stall restroom trailers
  • ADA restroom trailers
  • Shower trailers
  • 3-Stall luxury restroom trailers
  • 4-Stall luxury restroom trailers
  • 8-Stall luxury restroom trailers

Plus, we also offer a unique 2-stall mobile restroom and handwash unit. This unit can be hitched to the back of a pickup truck to transport the trailer wherever needed at the event location.

Additional Rental Options for Texas Events

Where Does Texas Outhouse Provide Service?

Our company is based in Houston, Texas. We primarily serve all of the Greater Houston area and into South Texas. However, we will also provide services in other regions of Texas.

We can meet your outdoor party needs by delivering units to events in Central Texas, such as the Austin and San Antonio region, plus East Texas into Western Louisiana. As you can see from this video, we go everywhere! Just let us know where your event is taking place and we can discuss a solution to deliver units to your location.

How Do I Rent Units for My Event?

We are ready to help you finalize the selection of portable restroom units for your outdoor event in Texas this fall. Do you have an event date and location? Let’s talk about your event so that we can get started on your rental.

During our conversation, we will assess your event details, the venue, and all other contributing factors mentioned above to help you come to the right decision about which units to rent and how many units you need.

Make sure you get the portable restroom units that you need for your event by calling Texas Outhouse today. We are ready to help you line up everything that you need to plan an amazing party this fall in Texas!