Texas Outhouse portable toilet rental for construction sites in Houston, TX

How to Drive Down Cost of Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites

Portable toilets are a necessity at the construction site, which is why you want to make sure you are renting the right number of portable toilets for each phase of the project.

At Texas Outhouse, we work with your schedule and needs to make sure you have the appropriate number of portable toilets throughout the duration of the project. While other companies may only offer you a fixed number of portable toilets for a fixed number of dates, we are eager to work with you to adapt to your schedule as the project unfolds.

By having the appropriate number of toilets for each phase of the project, you can realize cost-savings that will help keep your project on-budget. Find out more about how we can help drive down the cost of a portable toilet rental for construction sites in the Greater Houston area.

How We Support Cost Savings Renting Construction Toilets

Because our entire company is local to Houston, we strive for a collaborative relationship with Houston construction managers. It’s not set-and-forget situation like you might find elsewhere. We want to work with you to make sure you have the appropriate number of portable toilets that accounts for changes to the number of workers on-site. Consider a few scenarios where we can provide support.

1. Support During Planning and Pre-construction

In the early phases of the construction project, you may only require a handful of portable toilets at the construction site. Perhaps you have a limited number of personnel walking the site, assessing the work that needs to be done, reviewing drawings, and clearing the way for the work to be performed. You don’t need dozens of portable toilets during this phase.

We will help keep your costs down by only delivering the portable toilets that are necessary for this preliminary phase. We’ll work with your schedule and be ready to deliver more portable toilets when the construction work is about to ramp up.

2. Supporting During Construction Work

We will ensure that your construction site is ready to support construction workers when the work begins. Specifically, we’ll coordinate delivering the appropriate number of sanitary portable toilets to meet OSHA requirements.

In addition to renting standard portable toilets for the construction site, we can provide you with these additional portable toilets for your unique needs:

  • Deluxe Portable Toilets
  • Women’s Portable Toilets
  • Caged Life-Eye Cans
  • Life-Eye Toilets Without a Cage
  • Elevator Toilet Half-Cans

We recognize that the work will change over time. Perhaps you will have more workers and contractors on-site during certain periods compared to others. Or, the work could be spread out across a larger area of the construction site as you support multiple aspects of the project at one time.

During the busier or more complicated portions of the work, we will quickly deliver more portable toilets to your job site to seamlessly support workers. Overall, our goal during this stage is to adapt to each change so that you can keep costs down and maximize your portable toilet rental.

3. Support During Close-Out

As the construction work winds down, you likely won’t need as many portable toilets to support the close-out team. We will work with your close-out schedule to progressively remove portable toilets from the job site in preparation for the work being completed.

Then, we’ll support your timeline to remove all portable toilets once the work is complete. We understand that the timeline is often protracted on the front-end, leaving less time to finish up the work on the back-end. That’s why you want to work with our team because we will be there when you need us to remove portable toilets so that you can expedite close-out and not incur additional operational costs.

Call Texas Outhouse for a Cost-Efficient Portable Toilet Rental

You don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all portable toilet rental for the construction site. We are eager to work with your unique project needs and build a relationship providing you with the right-size portable toilet solution. This is the ideal path to achieve cost efficiencies.

Call 713-785-8050 today to discuss your project needs renting portable toilets for a project throughout the Greater Houston area. Our expert team will work with your budget and timeline to map out the optimal delivery of toilets to the job site. It’s a hassle-free experience that allows you to focus on managing the work while we focus on supporting your portable toilet needs.

You can also contact us through our website or email [email protected] to provide us with preliminary details about your project. We’ll follow up right away to discuss a solution. We look forward to helping you!