A high-end porta potty featuring luxury amenities available to rent.

Luxury Amenities in our High End Porta Potty Trailers

Let’s face the facts. No one is going to be excited to see portable toilets. When people go to events, and especially large, outdoor events, they know that’s what they’re going to have to deal with when nature calls. Even so, when it’s time to start looking around for a restroom, their shoulders will slump when they see the porta potty.

Traditional porta potties can be cramped, dark, and uncomfortable. They’re cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Even the cleanest portable toilets are likely to draw grumbles from your guests because they’re used to the comparative luxury of indoor facilities.

Fortunately for you and your guests, you don’t have to choose between a portable outdoor restroom and having all of the amenities.

Give Your Guests the VIP Treatment

For your next event, take a step up from traditional portable toilets to luxury trailers. These comfort stations can serve between 2 and 10 guests per trailer. Unlike standalone porta potties, you can also use fewer overall units for the same number of guests, making setup and breakdown less complicated.

Our luxury restroom trailers come with all of the conveniences of an outdoor portable restroom, but also include all of the amenities you would expect from the bathroom at a nice hotel.

Features and Amenities

Don’t be surprised if guests leave saying the restrooms are one of the highlights of your event! In addition to stylish and comfortable toilets, sinks, and vanities, our comfort stations also include:

Hot and Cold Water

You never realize how important running water is until it’s gone, especially in a restroom. Flushing toilets and sinks with hot and cold running water come standard in all of our luxury models.

Ventilation Fan

One of the most common complaints about portable toilets is the unpleasant smell. Regular servicing can minimize the odor, but it won’t do anything for the lack of good ventilation. Fortunately, our luxury trailers are equipped with ventilation fans to keep you (and whoever comes in after you) comfortable.

Changing Area

If you’re putting together an outdoor wedding, your guests will love the extra changing space available in our comfort stations. Many of your guests and members of the wedding party will want to change clothes between the ceremony and the reception. That’s something you definitely shouldn’t try in a traditional porta potty!

Air Conditioning

No one wants to use a portable toilet in the middle of the summer, but with a luxury trailer it’s as comfortable as going inside. Temperature control is a standard feature in all of our luxury restroom trailer models.

Central Music

For a nice final touch, you can also pipe in your own music playlist via a bluetooth connection. 

Reserve Your Luxury Trailers Today

Treat your guests to the ultimate in comfort during your next event. Our luxury restroom trailers are popular items, so be sure to order in advance.

Take a look at the different models we have available and start planning today!