A luxury restroom trailer ready for rental.

The Best Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental Options

Luxury restroom trailer rental is the most ideal solution for anyone holding an upscale event at a location without enough accessible bathrooms. If you have yet to step into one of them yourself, you may be surprised at how nice they are. Standard porta potties work fine for basic portable bathroom needs, but when you want to treat your guests to a little more comfort and class, luxury restroom trailers fit the bill. Learn more about the benefits of luxury restroom trailer rental and the different size options below!

The Benefits of Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Luxury restroom trailers are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible with spacious interiors and ample amenities. They also come in multiple sizes so you can select the appropriate amount of stalls to support the size of your guest list. Even more specialized trailers are available to ensure that, no matter who you’re providing restrooms for, every single person’s needs will be covered. 


Features included with luxury restroom trailer rental are:

  • Painted walls and decorative accents.
  • High-end countertops and a full size sink.
  • Running cold and hot water.
  • Large mirror for a full body view.
  • Bluetooth connection for a central music system.
  • Heating and AC to accommodate any climate.
  • Interior and exterior lighting.
  • Ventilation fan to regulate odors.
  • Changing area ideal for occasions where guests will need somewhere to dress or freshen up.


Occasions that people commonly rent luxury restroom trailers for include:

  • Weddings.
  • Family reunions.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Birthdays.
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.
  • Quinceaneras.
  • Work events and parties.
  • Commercial conferences.
  • VIP accommodations at concerts, shows, movie premieres, etc.


Choose from the following selection to accommodate the size of your guest list and click the link to view more details for each:

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