A portable hand wash station rented for use at an outdoor event.

Portable Hand Wash Station Options

Providing sanitation solutions for events is more important than ever. If you are planning an occasion at a location that is lacking in accessible methods for handwashing, don’t worry! Portable hand wash station options are available. Whether you have a section of your event attendees or a workstation at a plant turnaround, check out the different options and benefits of hand wash station rental below.


At Texas Outhouse we have 3 different portable hand wash station options. Choose from the following to complement portable toilets at your special occasion or outdoor work site.

  • 2-Man Handwash Station. Our smallest size features two sinks that are operated by a foot pump. Along with the sink you are also provided with a soap dispenser that is positioned along the side for easy access. The station can fit onto a standard pickup truck if for any reason you need to move it yourself.
  • 10-Man Handwash Station. Our next size up includes ten sinks with soap dispensers and timed faucets. This station has substantial water pressure, just like how you experience at home. It also has enough water within the tank to supply 1,250 CDC-approved hand washes. Hitch it up to a standard pickup truck to relocate it to a picnic, festival, office, construction site, or any other event area.  
  • 12-Man Handwash Station. Our final option has twelve sinks that are controlled with a hands-free arm bar for the extra sanitary benefit of not having to touch any part of the hand wash station. A soap dispenser is included on the side just like the previous two options. You can also hitch this one up and haul it behind a standard pickup truck to your event or work location.


Cleanliness is key these days with the spread of COVID-19 and continuous creation of new strains. Setting your guests or team up with our hot water hand washing stations is beneficial in many ways, including:

  • Less probability of spreading germs. 
  • Allowing your workers to keep clean and in line with health code regulations.
  • Additional options for your guests or workers to avoid long waiting times.


We offer multiple industry-leading portable restroom solutions in order to meet as many needs as possible. As you work to organize your event or work project, we can help you determine what items would best suit your situation. Below are a some of our additional products that are often paired together with our portable hand washing stations. 


To discuss our portable hand wash station and services in greater detail, give us a call! We’re are open Monday-Saturday, from 7am-5pm during the week, and 7am to noon on Saturdays. We pride ourselves on our customer service and even make ourselves available for emergency after hours requests. Click here to learn more or reach out through our contact form today.