Rented portable toilets and a portable handwashing station at a construction site.

Renting Portable Toilets for Construction Sites

Being that Houston has such a saturated commercial and residential construction market, a reliable partner for portable toilets for construction sites is in high demand. Although there may be accessible restrooms within a building nearby, businesses don’t always welcome that regular traffic. As well, the construction team often has to move to different locations around the job site. As OSHA guidelines require that restrooms are provided and easily accessible for construction workers, portable toilets continue to be the best solution.

If you’re in need of portable toilets for construction sites in Houston, we can help! Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer and how to schedule your rental today.

What We Have to Offer

Texas Outhouse has multiple solutions available to help you support your construction team’s requirements on the job site. Though our main specialty is portable restrooms, we have a selection of additional products and solutions readily available to you. If you have a large team to provide for, we have trailers with multiple stalls as well. See below for our selection of portable toilets for construction sites and more products that are often paired along with them.

Portable Toilets

  • Standard Portable Toilet with a non-flushable toilet.
  • Deluxe Portable Toilets with a flushable toilet and freshwater handwashing sink.
  • Women’s Portable Toilets that are all pink with no urinals inside.
  • Caged Lift-Eye Can contained within a steel metal cage designed to accommodate industrial specifications.
  • Elevator Toilet Half-Can for high-rise building construction sites.
  • Can-On-Wheels that can be attached to a trailer for easy off-road mobility.
  • European Urinal for a more unique option that can be used by up to four men at once.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets with additional space for easy access and maneuverability. 
  • ADA Compliant Portable Toilets for wheelchair access or family-friendly requirements.


  • 2-Stall Mobile Restroom & Handwash with two standard restroom units and a 2-person hand wash unit on top of a 12-foot mobile trailer.
  • 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10-Stall Restroom Trailers including lit interiors, air conditioning, and the ability to play music.
  • 3, 4, and 8-Stall Luxury Restroom Trailers including lit interiors, air conditioning, changing area, sinks, vanities, and the ability to play music.
  • ADA Restroom Trailers with an entrance ramp, spacious interior, air conditioning, and the ability to play music.
  • Shower Trailers with 8 stalls, a changing area, private lock, hot & cold water, seating, power outlets, sinks, and space for toiletries.

Additional Products & Solutions

  • Paper Supplies
  • Handwashing & Sanitation Stations
  • Eyewash Stations
  • Emergency Showers
  • Dumpster Rental 

Contact Us Today for Portable Toilets for Construction Sites

At Texas Outhouse, we put an emphasis on customer service. Continuously striving to provide the highest quality service to our clients, our team undergoes regular safety and awareness training. Each individual on our team stands by our commitment to meeting your unique set of needs. With over 20 years of experience providing portable toilets for construction sites, we understand the intricacies of the industry and can help you meet health code requirements.

Reach out today for more information, a quote for your rental, or to reserve your rental and delivery time!