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Porta John Rentals or Portable Bathroom Trailer: How to Choose

You’ve heard that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Well, we’re here to tell you that whether it’s a job site or an event, there are two certainties you must include in your planning: parking and restrooms. When it comes to restrooms, Texas Outhouse has got you covered.

Before you narrow down exactly what models you’ll need and how many, you’ve got to make a broader choice. Are you going to go with porta johns or restroom trailers? Is there even a difference as long as you’ve got the right number of seats? Yes, there is. Let’s break it down.

Porta Johns vs. Restroom Trailers

Both options come in many different models, but first, we need to go over the pros and cons of each type. Porta johns and restroom trailers differ in capacity, spaciousness, where they can go, the options available, and extra comforts.


Porta johns are obviously designed for a single occupant. You’ll need to rent multiple units for most job sites, and they’ll need to be set up individually. On the other hand, a single restroom trailer can accommodate as many as ten users at once. These trailers are dropped off and placed for you quickly.

If you need more flexibility for the placement of individual units, porta johns might be the way to go. If a fast setup is more appealing, go for the trailer.

Interior Space

With the exception of ADA units, porta johns have limited space. They’re not designed for much more than stepping inside and having a seat. Depending on the model you choose, restroom trailers can be more spacious. This can be particularly useful if you need not only restrooms but also a place for your employees to change clothes.


Individual porta john units can fit into spaces that larger trailers can’t. So if you don’t have the space to park a trailer or you need to spread out your restrooms beyond a single location, porta johns might be your best option.

Restroom trailers are ideal for sites with more room and with only one or two restroom locations required.

Options and Extras

Portable toilets are available in standard models and deluxe versions with flushing toilets and freshwater sinks. You can also rent a model specifically for women that does not include the urinal feature. Porta johns with various rigging are also available for job sites that need to lift the units with cranes for placement.

Restroom trailers are available for anywhere between two and ten users. You can also rent luxury models complete with AC/heating, hot and cold water, ventilation fans, and many more amenities.

Both porta johns and restroom trailers are available in accessible ADA models.

Which Option is Right for You?

Ultimately, it’s going to come down to your location and your budget. Will you benefit more from the versatility of individual porta john units or the convenience (and perhaps luxury) of restroom trailers?
No matter which option you choose, Texas Outhouse has all the models you need ready to go. So take a look at our huge selection of porta johns and restroom trailers, and start planning for your next job site.