Rented outhouses at an outdoor event.

Everything Event Organizers Need to Know about Outhouse Rental

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, birthday party, concert, family reunion, or other special event, you’re going to need restrooms. When you’re busy organizing food, decorations, entertainment, and everything else your event needs, it’s easy to overlook the basics. Unfortunately, that’s usually the stuff that comes back to haunt you.

Even if your event is catered by the hottest restaurant in town and you hire the best DJ you can find, your guests won’t walk away happy if they had to stand in line forever at the two portable toilets you rented as an afterthought. But how are you supposed to know how to plan for restrooms when you’ve got so much else to do?

The Ultimate FAQ for Outhouse Rentals

Lucky for you, the team at Texas Outhouse has you covered. We’ve put together a master list of our most frequently asked questions for event planners so you can find the answers you need in a hurry. Our goal is to change your restroom research mission into a simple checklist so you can get back to doing what you do best.

How Many Outhouses Do I Need to Rent?

There are three main questions you’ll need to answer to know how many portable restrooms to reserve:

  1. How many people (including the staff) will be at your event?
  2. How long is your event?
  3. Will you be serving concessions?

A good general rule is to rent at least one portable toilet for every 50 guests. So if you have 500 guests and staff to accommodate, you should budget for at least 10 portable restrooms. However, you’ll need to adjust that number for longer events and if you’re serving drinks. Some event planners suggest as much as a 20% increase in restrooms if alcohol is served.  

What Types of Portable Restrooms Should I Get?

The style of portable restrooms that you rent will depend on the type of event you’re hosting and your budget. There are basic models with a toilet and urinal, deluxe models with flushable toilets and freshwater sinks, and even restroom trailers with all of the amenities of a hotel bathroom.

Apart from style, you should also consider renting different models for your guests’ different needs. You should seriously consider renting at least one ADA restroom for every 20 units, and more if you have a large number of elderly guests. These restrooms offer more room for maneuvering and grab bars for accessibility.

Many event planners also prefer to separate men’s and women’s restrooms for added comfort and privacy. Women’s portable restroom models are available that omit the urinal and are often distinctly colored to help guests know the difference at a glance.

How Often Should They Be Serviced?

The most common answer you’ll find online is that portable restrooms need to be serviced once or twice per week, but that’s for job sites. For a one-day event, you likely won’t need any servicing at all if you follow our suggestions for the number of restrooms you rent.

However, if your event spans multiple days, you’ll need to make sure your portable restrooms are emptied and cleaned. Depending on the size of your crowd, you should allow for one cleaning per day for every day of the event. Texas Outhouse will work with you to coordinate servicing so you don’t end up losing all of your restrooms at once.

Where Should I Place Them?

Restrooms should be positioned on dry, level ground. You’ll need to find a happy medium between placing them close enough to your main gathering spots (stages, dance floors, concession areas) for convenience, but far enough away that you won’t run into problems with food contamination or aesthetic issues.

Do I Need Handwashing Stations?

Even if you opt for the deluxe portable restroom models that come equipped with sinks, you may want to consider renting hand washing stations to help keep your lines moving. If you’re serving food, you’ll have guests who want to wash their hands and nothing more. Renting hand washing stations will keep them out of your restroom lines.

As a general rule, budget for one hand washing station for every four portable restrooms.

Texas Outhouse is Your One-Stop-Shop

We have an extensive selection of portable restrooms, hand washing stations, sanitizing stations, and much more. Texas Outhouse can help you coordinate your restroom needs for any size event. We also offer water-filled barricades, disposable trash containers, and more.

If you still have questions or you’d like to make a reservation, contact us today. We’re looking forward to helping you plan your event!