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Portable Handwashing Station Rental: Meet OSHA Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created specific requirements for health and safety at the construction site. A specific area of concern is sanitation for construction workers.

OSHA has laid out specific guidelines that construction sites must follow to maintain a healthy work environment. One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re OSHA-compliant is through a portable handwashing station rental.

Find out more about the advantages of renting portable handwash stations for the construction site.

What Are OSHA Requirements for Portable Handwash Stations?

OSHA’s guidelines are in place to look out for the safety and health of construction workers. In their official recommendations, OSHA has provided the following stance on providing washing facilities at construction sites:

“The Agency believes the evidence from health professionals is conclusive. The use of soap and water effectively reduces multiple hazards, while the use of soap-and-water substitutes could increase them. … All employers of 11 or more hand laborers in the field provide adequate hand washing facilities, including potable water, soap, and single-use paper towels.”

Essentially, OSHA is saying construction sites need dedicated hand washing stations to achieve compliance. Adding a basic hand sanitizing station or makeshift hand cleaning area isn’t enough to create a safe, germ-free environment.

Why Is OSHA Important for Construction Safety?

There’s no way around it: if you work in construction, you work in a hazardous environment. But OSHA’s guidelines help mitigate some of these dangers by creating safety standards. While this can often refer to injuries in construction, illness is still a common problem that can stem from poor sanitation.

Not only are these regulations important from an employer-employee relationship standpoint, but non-compliance can also create unnecessary challenges for your project. OSHA will not hesitate to issue fines or shut down work on a site if they find any issues. 

Don’t let something as small as not having a handwashing station throw off your project timeline. We recommend that you have enough stations at the job site to stay compliant and keep your workers safe.

Your OSHA Compliance Options from Texas Outhouse

You know you need portable sink rentals to meet OSHA requirements, but you aren’t sure what types of stations are best suited for your work site. Here’s what Texas Outhouse has to offer for hand washing station rentals.

2-Man Station

Our most compact station is ideal for smaller job sites. It has two sinks on either side that you operate with a foot pump, perfect for increased safety since workers won’t have to use soiled hands to touch surfaces.

The unit also has soap dispensers above each sink. These units are a simple, no-frills way to ensure your workers can maintain cleanliness.

10-Man Station

The 10-man handwash station has more features, including excellent water pressure and a heated water tank that can support more than 1,000 CDC-approved hand washes.

And even though it’s larger than our 2-man model, it comes on wheels, so it’s easy to move around wherever hand washing is needed. These stations are excellent for medium-sized projects.

12-Man Station

The 12-man station is our most sophisticated option. With twelve sinks and an arm bar that allows every step of hand washing to be hands-free, it’s a must-have for larger construction projects.

Every sink has a dedicated soap dispenser, and there’s a mirror in the middle. Like the 10-man station, this one has wheels and sits on a trailer you can hitch to a vehicle for fast and easy transportation around the job site.

Keep Projects Safe and on Track with a Portable Handwashing Station Rental

Being able to meet project deadlines requires your construction site to operate smoothly throughout the duration of the project. Non-compliance issues could result in undesired setbacks on the project timeline.

You can protect your workers, stay on track, and maintain compliance with OSHA requirements with a portable handwashing station rental from Texas Outhouse.Reach out today to request a quote on portable hand washing station rentals. Our local customer service team will be happy to discuss which of our options would work best for your construction site.