Texas Outhouse portable toilets and handwashing station

Long-Term Toilet Rental Solutions for Your Project

Organizing timelines. Ordering materials. Determining labor to work the job site. Hashing out construction project details with clients. There is a lot that goes into a successful construction project.

For long-term construction projects, attention to detail is even more important. One of the most important details is ensuring you provide the construction crew with consistent access to restroom facilities throughout the duration of the project.

There is no better rental company to handle all your long-term toilet rental needs than Texas Outhouse. We deliver every kind of portable restroom for the construction site.

Our wide selection allows you to rent exactly what you want and need. We even offer accessory units for rent, such as handwashing and eyewash stations, to ensure the health and safety of workers.

Here’s what you can expect when renting from our Houston-based company for long-term construction projects.

Why Texas Outhouse for a Long-Term Toilet Rental?

When starting a long-term project, you want to enter relationships with suppliers that are based on trust. But more than that, you also need quality services from a team who cares. 

The team at Texas Outhouse is reliable and attentive to your needs. Our trained dispatchers know how to get our units to your location according to the project schedule.

We support our clients from the moment we’re in contact — everything from delivery to customer service and maintenance, as well as every other step of the rental journey.

We are a reliable source of long-term toilet rentals because we’ve proven ourselves as portable toilet experts in the Greater Houston area. Our team knows how much you have to plan for during a lengthy project, and we believe that on-site sanitation shouldn’t slow you down.

The Perfect Candidates for Long-Term Rentals

Are you still on the fence about whether your project would benefit from a long-term portable toilet rental? After all, smaller projects may only need to use such a rental for a few days or weeks. 

But, large-scale projects like commercial construction projects, industrial jobs, or building renovations benefit from long-term rentals. On the residential side, significant home renovation projects and new home constructions could justify investing in a more extended rental period.

There are many benefits to extending a portable toilet rental. Typically, the longer you rent your portable toilets, the more affordable they are. You’re also guaranteed continuous support and never need to question whether you’ll have sanitation services on-site.

Types of Portable Toilets from Texas Outhouse

After deciding that a long-term toilet rental is the right fit for your project needs, you will need to narrow down your selection of units to suit your needs. We can help with that. Here are the main portable toilet options from Texas Outhouse.

Standard Portable Toilets

The bread and butter of every project is the standard portable toilet. Renting portable bathrooms is necessary for OSHA compliance purposes and a great place to start when determining the full scope of your rental.

With few frills, these economical and practical choices deliver basic sanitation needs with the gold-star service you’d expect from the Texas Outhouse team.

Women’s Portable Toilets

These deluxe portable toilets cater to women’s needs, including a lock and no urinal for more space. They’re similar to a standard portable toilet but are worth considering for a more comfortable and inclusive work environment at the job site.

Caged Lift-Eye Cans

These unique portable toilets are ideal for supporting the construction of multi-level buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, parking garages, and other structures. You can use cranes to transport them quickly, and the cage will secure the portable toilet in transit.

You can also rent these units without the cages. When you do so, they still come with a steel lift to make moving the toilet around easier.


The longer your project takes, the more likely it will be that you need to move things around for more efficiency. That’s where the Can-On-Wheels units shine at a construction site.

It’s a standard portable toilet you can take anywhere, anytime, making it a breeze to relocate your restroom areas. Having them closer to the current work area is better for your employees and the project timeline.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets

Our wheelchair accessible and ADA-compliant portable toilets are tailored to individuals who need extra room to maneuver into a restroom. They also have interior grab bars for extra comfort and to simplify use.

Rent Everything You Need in One Place

Because of the nature of longer projects, you’ll likely need more than just a portable toilet to ensure each worker’s health and wellness while on-site at the project. In that case, Texas Outhouse has you covered.

We offer multiple add-on units and supplies that fit your project site. We have everything you need to ensure a safe and clean space. Here are some of the most common on-the-go pieces of sanitation equipment you’ll want to consider renting from us.

Handwash Stations

Employee sanitation ensures that your workers stay healthy and that your project meets its targets. Placing handwash stations next to portable toilets is the easiest way to keep up with OSHA requirements.

Because our units are easy to maneuver, we will help you maintain consistent access to portable toilets and handwashing stations as the location of the project work changes.

  • We offer smaller hand washing stations perfect for two people at a time.
  • For larger projects, we offer 10 and 12-man stations that help employees stay clean without waiting in line to wash their hands.
  • You can keep the site even healthier with our hand sanitizer tower rentals.

Eye Wash Stations and Emergency Showers

Accidents at construction sites are not uncommon occurrences. Thus, if you’re overseeing a worksite, you have a responsibility to ensure that you’re ready if an emergency were to happen. 

Eye wash stations are necessary for jobs in hazardous environments, but they’re still helpful for any work site where something could contaminate a person’s eyes. Emergency showers are similarly handy, especially if workers could be prone to injury or exposure to dangerous materials.

Texas Outhouse can help keep your site safe by providing eye wash stations or emergency showers. All our washing stations help you maintain OSHA compliance, and we’ll keep up on the maintenance of these units regardless of how long your rental term is.

Barricade Service

Water barricades can make a massive difference in the safety of your project by creating clear barriers internally at the job site and externally to protect the general public. These barricades are visible at any time of day or during any weather condition to maintain safety.

Use these barriers to section off specific parts of the construction zone to restrict access or create a separate space. You can even use them to outline a makeshift restroom section that’s easy to see where you combine portable toilets with hand wash stations.

Restroom Trailers

Not every project will have the budget or need for luxury restroom trailers or portable restroom trailers. That said, they can be an excellent way to ensure more comfort when you or your team are on location for an extended length of time.

Our restroom trailers come with sinks with hot and cold running water, multiple stalls, urinals, and air conditioning. These trailers are also best-suited for long-term rentals since you can spread out the cost to rent each unit over a longer period.

Paper Products

When we say you can get everything in one place, we really mean this for our customers. Ask us to include Texas Outhouse-branded toilet paper or paper towels when you book your long-term rentals. Now you can cross another item off your to-do list.

The Solution Is Simple: Texas Outhouse for Long-Term Rentals

Flexibility is the name of the game in construction. You want to work with companies that can offer this to you at every step.

Texas Outhouse has the right combination of excellent customer service, varying services, and high-quality products to ensure you get consistent and clean service from your long-term toilet rentals.

Reach out to us today by calling 713-785-8050 to learn more about our rental process. We’ll talk through your project, discuss your rental options, and provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect to pay during your rental.

Let’s get started on securing units for your next long-term project.