A Texas luxury restroom trailer is available for rent from Texas Outhouse and Luxury Event Trailers.

See the Best in Texas Luxury Restroom Trailers for Your Guests

If you’ve planned an outdoor music festival, sports competition, or family reunion, you know the challenges of caring for every little detail associated with special events in unique settings. Not to mention how those hot Texas summer days can create a challenging environment for your guests and VIPs.

Enter Texas luxury restroom trailers from our Luxury Event Trailers brand.

Event planners across Texas can call on us for elegant portable restroom trailers that provide guests with reliable facilities and exceptional comfort. Learn how mobile restroom trailers resolve dilemmas and add a wow factor to the event you are planning.

What is a Luxury Restroom Trailer?

A portable restroom trailer rental provides portable sanitation. Event planners have multiple options because single-restroom trailer rentals can accommodate a significant number of people. What’s more, luxury restrooms have all the amenities you need to create a comfortable environment, including: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Running water 
  • Flushable toilets
  • Individual waste storage 
  • Fresh water tanks  
  • Electricity

All models from Luxury Event Trailers have enough space to move throughout the trailer comfortably and include central music. Take a look at our selection!

The Lineup of Texas Luxury Restroom Trailers from Luxury Event Trailers

We offer a comprehensive range of restroom trailers ready to rent for any type of event. We can stock your site with enough facilities to ensure your guests don’t have to waste their time waiting in line to use a facility and can enjoy the party.

2-Stall Restroom Trailer 

Our 2-stall station is perfect for small events like weddings or corporate gatherings. Each unit includes typical restroom components, air conditioning, lighting, and a changing area. It includes central music and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music from your smart device.

3-Stall and 4-Stall Restroom Trailer 

With more room, these trailer options are perfect for medium-sized events. They have the same amenities as the 2-stall trailer, but your guests have more room to move throughout the station.

8-Stall and 10-Stall Restroom Trailer 

An 8- or 10-stall trailer will meet the demands of a large crowd. There is plenty of space for several party members to gather in the trailer and freshen up. These size trailers also have standard restroom amenities, AC, and lighting.

Single-Service ADA Trailer 

Planning a large event means you plan for everything, including accommodations for guests with disabilities. Our single-service ADA-compliant luxury restroom trailer will satisfy those needs. With all the same great amenities as our other units, these trailers add wheelchair accessibility, making it easy for your guests to use the space.

Shower Trailer 

Our shower trailers have eight stalls that can be set up for male or female use. Shower trailers have the following features:

  • Private changing areas 
  • Shower and locking stall 
  • Hot and cold running water 
  • Seating 
  • Power outlets 

Each private stall has a place for toiletries, so your guest can stay organized while using the shower.

3-Stall Restroom & Shower Trailer

The 3-stall restroom and shower trailer option is the complete package. Each stall has a private sink and toilet. This amenity will help your guests feel comfortable showering and changing and are ideal for large overnight camping trips.

Long-Term Rentals 

Sometimes you need a long-term solution for a long-running event, such as setting up an art exhibit at a dedicated venue. Our fleet of restroom trailers and showers will provide reliable portable toilet access and running water for each user at your event, no matter how long you set up at the venue.

Restroom Trailers for Rent from LET 

Want to know more about our selection of luxury trailers? Are you ready to rent the finest Texas luxury restroom trailers in the region? We have you covered with the best line-up of luxury trailers for your specific event needs.Contact us today to learn more about our rental process. Our dedicated team is available to discuss rental options to accentuate your event. Call our local event experts at 713-861-4986 to get started on your rental!