Portable toilets at a construction site that were rented from Texas Outhouse.

How Much Do Portable Toilets Cost to Rent for Construction Sites?

Running a construction site means taking care of every last detail. This effort includes ensuring that you have proper portable restroom facilities for your construction crew.

Portable toilet rentals are a cost-effective and convenient option to support construction sites of all kinds throughout the Greater Houston area. Providing your crew with access to portable toilets will also satisfy OSHA requirements!

So if you’re wondering, “How much do portable toilets cost to rent?” we have some important information to relay. We can help you plan your budget correctly.

4 Factors that Impact Portable Toilet Rental Costs

There’s no single answer to portable toilet rental costs, as every job is unique. Many factors will affect your overall rental cost.

Consider the following general factors that will affect your final quote. You can also reach out to our helpful team at Texas Outhouse to get answers to specific questions you have.

1. Number of Portable Toilets Required

The number of portable toilets required for the job site is a critical cost factor. Renting more units will increase your total costs, but you’ll have lower per-unit costs based on how many you need.

In general, the most significant factor in working out how many portable toilets you need is the number of people on your worksite. OSHA recommends 1 unit for every 20 workers. The length of shifts and how long each worker will be on-site play a crucial role in this calculation.

We recognize this determination can be tricky, which is why it’s important to work with a team of experts at Texas Outhouse to help you align with OSHA requirements and support the needs of your crew.

2. How Long You’re Renting Them

The total rental period is another critical factor in your rental cost. Portable toilets are great solutions for projects of any length – whether just a few days or several months. Depending on the length of your project, the rate will vary based on the total duration of your rental contract.

Delivering and picking up units also accounts for a portion of the overall cost, especially for short-term rentals. However, this cost is significantly reduced when scheduling a long-term rental. The end result is that you pay less per unit per day when you have portable toilets for a long-term worksite.

3. How Often They’ll Need to Be Serviced

While very short-term rentals may not call for routine servicing during the rental period, most construction projects last long enough for your rented toilets to require regular servicing.

How often your portable toilets need servicing will affect your overall cost. We recommend regular servicing to align with the OSHA requirement of having accessible portable toilets at the job site.

You can talk with the team at Texas Outhouse to make the proper arrangements that will work best for your job site. Balancing these factors can be challenging, but we are experienced with all kinds of projects to deliver the right solution.

The Type of Portable Toilets You Need

There are many options when renting a portable toilet, and the one you choose can affect pricing. In addition to our standard portable restrooms, we also rent a variety of portable toilet units that may be suitable for your job site.

Some portable toilets are specialized for specific types of job sites. You can take advantage of lift-eye units, with or without a cage, to provide improved access on multi-story sites. Portable toilets with wheels to push through indoor environments or even take in an elevator are also available.

Depending on the nature of your job site, you may be required or choose to have ADA-compliant portable toilets. These meet ADA dimension and clearance requirements, along with features such as grab bars.

Other accessory units could also be a good fit for your construction site. Mobile hand washing stations with sinks, soap, and hand sanitizer dispensers can be set up beside the portable toilet units.

Restroom trailers are another option to consider. These trailers provide well-lit and air-conditioned facilities, with a variety of other features available. These are a more costly option than standard portable toilets, but they can be well worth the rental!

4. The Location of Your Site

Along with choosing the portable toilets themselves, you’ll also have to consider the location of your site. The cost of delivery can have a big impact, especially when dealing with short-term rentals. For longer rental periods, delivery is less substantial than total rental charges.

If you have a remote worksite, you can expect to pay more for your portable toilet rental than if you’re in the Greater Houston area. Some other factors might impact delivery, such as access to your site. You might have to consider options such as lift-eye or can-on-wheels units to move units around your site as well, depending on road access.

How Much Do Portable Toilets Cost to Rent? Contact Us for the Best Price

So, how much do portable toilets cost? The answer depends on your unique requirements, which is why we are available to help answer any questions you may have before scheduling the rental.

After you provide us with details of your project, we’ll offer you a rental quote, help you choose the correct number and types of portable toilets, and schedule delivery to the job site.

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