What is the Chemical Used in Portable Toilets?

The effectiveness of a portable toilet is dependent on a blue chemical known as a deodorizer. The chemical found in portable toilets helps reduce the smell and spread of bacteria in the contained space.

How Does the Chemical Address Smell in a Portable Toilet?

The chemical acts as a deodorizer or masking agent to reduce a user’s ability to smell the presence of human waste.

If the portable toilets are not serviced regularly, though, the effectiveness of the chemical will wear off, creating an unpleasant experience for users.

How Does the Chemical Address Bacteria in a Portable Toilet?

The chemical also prevents the formulation of bacteria that leads to the undesired smell of human waste.

Fighting bacteria has another benefit of preventing the spread of airborne bacteria from one user to the next user.

The Importance of Servicing Portable Toilets

Because the chemical used in portable toilets has a limited shelf life, Texas Outhouse understands the importance of routinely servicing toilets.

When we service our toilets at your construction site, event, or other location, our teams check the status of the chemical to ensure an ongoing quality experience for users.

You can find out more about portable toilet services for your job site, project, or event on our website. If you have questions as you discover more information about portable toilets, please contact our team directly at 713-785-8050 or complete our form.